All movies starring Billy Bob Thornton

Faster (2010) poster

Faster (2010) ★ 6.4

Genres: Action Crime Drama

After ten years in prison, Driver has one goal: track down and destroy the people involved in the brutal murder of his brother. Finally gaining his freedom, he is ready to go to any length to fulfill his cruel mission and get rid of those on his black list.

The joy of revenge is hindered by a veteran cop and an assassin, both of whom have their own reasons for getting even with him. Now the hunt is on for the hunter...

Sling Blade (1996) poster

Sling Blade (1996) ★ 8.0

Genres: Drama
Karl Childers, a simple man hospitalized since his childhood murder of his mother and her lover, is released to start a new life in a small town.
The Alamo (2004) poster

The Alamo (2004) ★ 6.0

Genres: Drama History War
Based on the 1836 standoff between a group of Texan and Tejano men, led by Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie, and Mexican dictator Santa Anna's forces at the Alamo in San Antonio Texas.