All movies starring Zach Galifianakis

Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016) poster

Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016) ★ 5.9

Genres: Action Comedy
The Gaffneys are in for a surprise when they find out that their new neighbours, Tim and Natalie Jones, turn out to be spies. They soon end up entangled with an international incident because of the couple next door.
Due Date (2010) poster

Due Date (2010) ★ 6.5

Genres: Comedy Drama
High-strung father-to-be Peter Highman is forced to hitch a ride with aspiring actor Ethan Tremblay on a road trip in order to make it to his child's birth on time.
Birdman (2014) poster

Birdman (2014) ★ 7.7

Genres: Comedy Drama
A washed-up superhero actor attempts to revive his fading career by writing, directing, and starring in a Broadway production.
The Hangover (2009) poster

The Hangover (2009) ★ 7.7

Genres: Comedy
Three buddies wake up from a bachelor party in Las Vegas, with no memory of the previous night and the bachelor missing. They make their way around the city in order to find their friend before his wedding.
The Hangover Part II (2011) poster

The Hangover Part II (2011) ★ 6.4

Genres: Comedy
Two years after the bachelor party in Las Vegas, Phil, Stu, Alan, and Doug jet to Thailand for Stu's wedding. Stu's plan for a subdued pre-wedding brunch, however, goes seriously awry.
It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010) poster

It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010) ★ 7.1

A clinically-depressed teenager gets a new start after he checks himself into an adult psychiatric ward.
Puss in Boots (2011) poster

Puss in Boots (2011) ★ 6.6

An outlaw cat, his childhood egg-friend and a seductive thief kitty set out in search for the eggs of the fabled Golden Goose to clear his name, restore his lost honor and regain the trust of his mother and town.
Ron's Gone Wrong (2021) poster

Ron's Gone Wrong (2021) ★ 7.1

The story of Barney, an awkward middle-schooler and Ron, his new walking, talking, digitally-connected device. Ron's malfunctions set against the backdrop of the social media age launch them on a journey to learn about true friend...
Masterminds (2016) poster

Masterminds (2016) ★ 5.8

A guard at an armored car company in the Southern U.S. organizes one of the biggest bank heists in American history. Based on the October 1997 Loomis Fargo robbery.
Bored to Death (2009–2011) poster

Bored to Death (2009–2011) ★ 7.9

Genres: Comedy Crime Drama
A well-meaning but struggling writer decides to lead a sort of double life by pretending to be a private detective using the methods he read about in old detective novels.