Best movies similar to Below Zero (2021)

Looper (2012) poster

1 Looper (2012) ★ 7.4

Similar to Below Zero (2021)?

In a near future where time travel has become possible, a certain corporation removes undesirable people by sending them back in time. The task of the receiving party is to kill the victim, thus erasing the unfortunate person from history.

User reviews

Dominic 11.05.2021

Yes, Looper is far from Below Zero if we are talking about storyline.

Dean J 06.05.2021

You think Looper is similar to Below Zero? Really?

The Occupant (2020) poster

2 The Occupant (2020) ★ 6.3

Similar to Below Zero (2021)?

Javier Muñoz, once a successful executive, makes the decision to leave his home, which he and his family can no longer afford. One day Javier accidentally discovers a bunch of keys to his old house and begins spying on the young couple who have settled there.

User reviews

Dean 11.05.2021

Good movie to watch if you liked Below Zero

Mile 22 (2018) poster

3 Mile 22 (2018) ★ 6.1

Similar to Below Zero (2021)?

The elite unit of top-secret intelligence "Ghosts" does not officially exist. A super agent of the squad, with the support of the CIA, has a difficult mission: to smuggle an important witness out of Southeast Asia. Before the rescue plane they will have to overcome 22 deadly miles.

User reviews

Nick 11.05.2021

It's good action thriller starring Mark Wahlberg, you'll enjoy it if you liked Below Zero (Bajocero) movie.

The Paramedic (2020) poster

4 The Paramedic (2020) ★ 5.6

Like Below Zero (2021) film?

Angel works in an ambulance. After he is involved in a car accident and is confined to a wheelchair, he begins to suffer from increasing paranoia. Obsessed with the idea that the girl he loves is cheating on him, Angel decides to make her life a living hell.
The Skin of the Wolf (2017) poster

5 The Skin of the Wolf (2017) ★ 5.8

Like Below Zero (2021) film?

Martin has lived all alone in the mountains for a long time and is used to this way of life. Every spring he leaves his refuge and goes down to the valley because of the snowfall. There he sells the skins of the animals he has killed. Everything changes when a woman comes into Martin's life. Now Martin will have to make a choice in favor of feelings and finally abandon his natural instincts, or he will have to listen to the call of his heart.
The Fugitive (1993) poster

6 The Fugitive (1993) ★ 7.8

Like Below Zero (2021) film?

Dr. Richard Kimble, a Chicago surgeon, is falsely accused of murdering his wife. Determined to prove his innocence, the doctor escapes from prison. He wants to lead his pursuers, the officers of the law, to the real killer.

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CliffHuxtableSweater 30.06.2021

Seen this movie 2/300 times. I'm obsessed w/ movies where people try to prove their innocence on the run lol But this is the greatest because there is constant movement, not 15min scenes where some schmuck is in the library going through old law cases.

I Liked US Marshals too. Nobodys better at trailing a suspect than Jones either. No Country for Old Men was different stylistically but he was still great.

Lana 11.05.2021

You can add Toro movie to the list, it's also related and similar to Below Zero.

The Crimes That Bind (2020) poster

7 The Crimes That Bind (2020) ★ 6.6

Like Below Zero (2021) film?

Desperate and confused, Alicia will do the impossible to keep her son from prison after he's convicted of trying to murder his ex-wife.
The Ice Harvest (2005) poster

8 The Ice Harvest (2005) ★ 6.3

On Christmas Eve, a dodger tries to cheat the mafia out of a lot of money. In doing so, he enlists the support of the owner of a strip bar and a lawyer working for the mafia. The latter has no idea that he is being used in a double game. He just hopes to have a peaceful holiday, but Christmas Eve turns out to be full of surprises.
Sicario (2015) poster

9 Sicario (2015) ★ 7.6

The desolate wastelands that straddle the border between Mexico and the United States are a no-holds-barred territory, a battleground between Mexican drug cartels and U.S. intelligence agencies. FBI agent Kate Maser, who works in the border areas, tries to stick to her own ideals, although she begins to feel that the outcome of the war on drug trafficking is not in favor of the servants of the law.

One day she is given the chance to take part in an elite narcotics unit led by Agent Matt Graver. The most enigmatic member of the team is a local consultant, a man with no name, no habits, and seemingly no past. His true identity is revealed only during a risky operation, during which Kate will be forced to compromise her own principles in order to stay alive.

User reviews

Alex 30.06.2021

I think Sicario is too overrated. It's not bad movie, but it deserves only 5/10, not 7.6 on IMDB.

Chris Paul 30.06.2021

Went to the movie, it was awesome!!! To be honest, I went knowing what it was going to be about - at work I often read the news and reports from northern Mexico are usually scary... The movie is so creepy from the beginning that horror fans were uncomfortable. The acting is great, the plot is dark and twisted, and the soundtrack makes your hair stand on end. But...

The main thing is that the movie shows a mere small part of the truth, a simplified version, so to say. The city of Juarez in Mexico is hell on earth, thousands of murders every year...

And in El Paso (USA), which is across the border in America, there were 5 murders a year, making it one of the safest cities in the States ... That's it ...

Google Mexican cartels in the news, see pictures-you'll remember...

Johny 30.06.2021

The movie itself is not bad... A lot of people are going to blame the main character, like she's stupid, inadequate, etc... That's what it's all about. Half the world is a criminal. But how can we (Americans) bring order to this big world? We don't have time to do everything according to the law. That's why we need prisons to illegally hold, torture and kill people... As well as many other illegal activities all over the world... That's what this movie is all about...

The things you do in the name of the great America and all the democratic good we spread around the planet... And it doesn't matter that the whole world doesn't understand it or want it... What matters is that we want... We are smarter, more evolved and more chaste than all the nations put together. Each person works for himself to the extent he understands, and to the extent he doesn't understand, he works for us...!!!!!

16 Blocks (2006) poster

10 16 Blocks (2006) ★ 6.6

16 blocks is the distance from the police station to the courthouse in a New York City neighborhood. Sixteen blocks must be covered by a policeman and a witness who will testify in court.

The policeman, Jack Mosley, is white, middle-aged, tired, silent, almost alcoholic, almost corrupt, but he still has some self-respect and a vestige of his professional code of honor. The witness, Eddie Bunker, is the exact opposite of Jack: a black, quick-talking black man who is not happy about the mess that fate has made of him.

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After an attack on a prisoner van, the policeman in charge of the transport is forced to fight several enemies at once, including the piercing cold.

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Best movies similar and related to Below Zero (2021)
  1. ★ 7.4 Looper (2012)
  2. ★ 6.3 The Occupant (2020)
  3. ★ 6.1 Mile 22 (2018)
  4. ★ 5.6 The Paramedic (2020)
  5. ★ 5.8 The Skin of the Wolf (2017)
  6. ★ 7.8 The Fugitive (1993)
  7. ★ 6.6 The Crimes That Bind (2020)
  8. ★ 6.3 The Ice Harvest (2005)
  9. ★ 7.6 Sicario (2015)
  10. ★ 6.6 16 Blocks (2006)

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