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Best movies like Dolittle (2020)

Into the Woods (2014) poster

1 Into the Woods (2014) ★ 5.9

Similar to Dolittle (2020)?

Cinderella dreams of going to the ball, the Baker, once cursed by the Witch, and his Wife grieve that they have no child, Jack wants his cow Squirrel to finally give milk, his Mother dreams of being rich, and Little Red Riding Hood really needs a loaf of bread - a guest for Grandma, who lives in the forest... and maybe some sweets for herself.

Finally, the Witch, who lives next door to the Baker, dreams of regaining her youth and beauty, which she has lost through an unfortunate set of circumstances. To this end, she offers to help the Baker in exchange for breaking her curse and obtain the necessary ingredients for the magic potion: a cow as white as milk, a cloak as red as blood, a lock of hair as yellow as corn, and golden slippers...

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993) poster

2 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993) ★ 7.0

Similar to Dolittle (2020)?

A fun-loving American bulldog pup, a hilarious Himalayan cat, and a wise old golden retriever embark on a long trek through the rugged wilderness of the Sierra Nevada mountains in a quest to reach home and their beloved owners.
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) poster

3 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) ★ 6.9

Similar to Dolittle (2020)?

Four teenagers find themselves inside the game Jumanji. They will have to fight rhinoceroses, black mambas, and an endless series of traps and puzzles at every step. In the game they reincarnate: timid and shy Spencer turns into a brave and strong explorer, big guy Frij - into a short zoologist, fashionable and beautiful Bettany - into a full professor, and clumsy Martha becomes fearless and agile Amazon. The friends will have to get used to their new roles, try not to die and find their way home.
Dora and the Lost City of Gold (2019) poster

4 Dora and the Lost City of Gold (2019) ★ 6.1

Like Dolittle (2020) film?

Dora spent almost her entire childhood in the jungle, where her parents worked as explorers. But no previous adventures could prepare the girl for the perils of high school - misunderstanding, rivalry, envy. On top of that, Dora's parents mysteriously disappear. But she wouldn't be herself if she dropped her hands. First love and old and new friends inspire the brave girl to go in search of her relatives. A lot of trials await them on the way to their goal, as well as the chilling mystery of a lost civilization...

Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) poster

5 Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) ★ 6.6

Like Dolittle (2020) film?

Trying to save Spencer, who is once again caught in the game, the others go there as well. To their surprise, the rules of Jumanji have changed, and what's more, this time Grandpa Spencer and his elderly friend Milo are drawn into the game. To complete the tasks and return home, the friends will have to travel to previously unexplored and mysterious corners of Jumanji - from the arid desert to the snowy mountains.

Night at the Museum (2006) poster

6 Night at the Museum (2006) ★ 6.4

Like Dolittle (2020) film?

A young man in search of work finds himself in a museum, where he takes up the duties of a night watchman. It turns out that it's not as easy a job as it might seem at first glance. After all, the most important thing is not only to prevent anyone from entering the museum, but also not to let anyone or anything out of the museum....
Fantasy Island (2020) poster

7 Fantasy Island (2020) ★ 4.9

Like Dolittle (2020) film?

A group of five people arrives on a mysterious tropical island, where a certain Mr. Roarke makes the dreams of his guests come true. Each of the new arrivals would like to change something in their lives, and in some incredible way the fantasy island fulfills those wishes, but soon the guests' dreams turn into an unexpected nightmare.

Garfield (2004) poster

8 Garfield (2004) ★ 5.0

Garfield's cat owner John brings home a cute puppy named Odie, and from that moment on Garfield's life goes wrong. He wants nothing more than for the dog to disappear from his life and his home forever. But when suddenly the puppy is kidnapped, Garfield, perhaps for the first time in his life, feels responsible. And he takes action.

Doctor Dolittle (1998) poster

9 Doctor Dolittle (1998) ★ 5.4

Dr. John Doolittle seems to have everything one could dream of: a successful career, a beautiful wife, and two adorable daughters. To top it all off, he is about to make the biggest deal of his life. And suddenly a terrible thing happens - Dr. Doolittle notices that he awakens in him the once lost skill to speak the language of animals.

Doolittle literally understands the call of nature and can answer it. From now on, a real dog life awaits him. Four-legged and feathered patients, hearing about the miraculous healer, won't give him a pass at home or at work: "Stop talking, heal!"

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Zookeeper (2011) poster

10 Zookeeper (2011) ★ 5.2

The animals are trying to teach a hapless zookeeper the methods of seducing the opposite sex in order to finally win the heart of the girl he loves.
The Borrowers (1997) poster

11 The Borrowers (1997) ★ 5.9

Are things going missing from your home? Can't find your shirt cufflinks, your wife's jewelry, and your children's toys? Have your fish in your aquarium thinned suspiciously, and is your cat bristling and cowering in a corner? Do not rush to call the police or ghost hunters. After all, all these shenanigans tiny little people living under the floorboards of your home!
Little Miss Dolittle (2018) poster

12 Little Miss Dolittle (2018) ★ 5.9

The redheaded Lillian not only adores animals, but she can understand their language and respond to them. Only the family knows about her incredible ability, and they protect the secret in every way. But all secrets come to an end, especially when it comes to saving the zoo.

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More about Dolittle movie

Seven years ago, Dr. Doolittle, a celebrated veterinary surgeon living in Victorian England, lost his wife. Now he leads a reclusive life, hiding behind the high walls of his estate. The exotic animals in his collection are his only company.

But when an unknown disease becomes a threat to the young queen's life, Dr. Doolittle is forced to leave his sanctuary and embark on an incredible journey to a mythical island. In search of a cure for the queen, he will face ruthless enemies, meet bizarre creatures, and be forced to show great courage and ingenuity.

The list of 12 best movies like Dolittle (2020) to watch on Netflix and others steaming platforms with ratings, plots, and user reviews.

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