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Deadpool (2016) poster ★ 8.0

Deadpool (2016)

Wade Wilson is a mercenary. As a byproduct of a military program called "Weapon X," Wilson has gained incredible strength, agility and the ability to heal. But at a terrible price: his cellular structure is constantly changing, and his sanity is questionable. All Wilson wants is to stay afloat in the social cesspool. But the current in it is too fast.

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Shane 06.05.2021

Amazing movie and related to Venom!

Fantastic Four (2015) poster ★ 4.3

Fantastic Four (2015)

The story of four young astronauts who venture on an adventurous journey into a parallel dimension to investigate an anomalous wave of cosmic energy. Upon returning from their journey, they discover they have superpowers that change their lives forever...

X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) poster ★ 6.9

X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

In the 1980s the X-Men must defeat an ancient all-powerful mutant, En Sabah Nur, who intends to thrive through bringing destruction to the world.
Thor: Ragnarok (2017) poster ★ 7.9

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Like Venom (2018) film?

Returning to Asgard in search of a mysterious enemy hunting the Infinity Stones, Thor discovers that the actions of his brother Loki, who has seized the throne of Asgard, have led to the approach of the most terrible event of all - Ragnarok. Legend has it that this will mark the final battle of Asgard, the consequence of which will be its total destruction. In an attempt to prevent this event, Thor will have to enlist the help of his fellow Avengers, the Hulk. Together they will face the worst enemy of the Nine Worlds, the fiery demon Surtur, whose goal is to fulfill the prophecy of Ragnarok and the destruction of the Nine Worlds.
The Wolverine (2013) poster ★ 6.7

The Wolverine (2013)

A new chapter of Wolverine's adventures will unfold in Japan, where Logan will have to find out which is sharper - Wolverine's claws or the Silver Samurai's sword.

Captain America: Civil War (2016) poster ★ 7.8

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Like Venom (2018) film?

The Avengers, led by Captain America, find themselves involved in a devastating incident of international proportions. These events force the government to start regulating all people with special abilities by introducing the "Superhero Registration Act," forcing them to submit to the United Nations.

Seeing this treaty as a violation of civil rights and a spit on everything he believes in, Steve Rogers openly rebels against the new regime, leading a group of heroes who support his views. In turn, Tony Stark sees sense in the new treaty and becomes the leader of the supporting heroes. All of this leads to the inevitable split of the Avengers and war between the parties. Fighting each other, Stark and Rogers are unaware that the mysterious Baron Zemo is already making plans of his own, taking advantage of the split of Earth's greatest heroes.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) poster ★ 6.9

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Like Venom (2018) film?

As a child, Peter Parker was abandoned by his parents, so he was raised by his uncle and aunt. As the years went by, Peter was an ordinary exemplary schoolboy, attacked by bullies and was in love with his classmate Gwen Stacy, who herself secretly reciprocated his feelings. But after being bitten by a genetically altered spider, Peter gains incredible superpowers and his life changes forever.

However, the question of what happened to his parents never ceases to haunt him. He meets his father's longtime friend and partner, geneticist Kurt Connors, who worked with Peter's father to develop a regeneration formula. Peter helps to complete it, and Connors, who has dreamed all his life of restoring his right arm, injects the formula into himself and becomes a Lizard. Realizing his guilt, Peter begins a new life as the mysterious superhero Spider-Man and becomes a menace to criminals, while trying to find a way to stop Connors.

The Avengers (2012) poster ★ 8.0

The Avengers (2012)

Like Venom (2018) film?

Loki, Thor's half-brother, returns, and this time he is not alone. Earth finds itself on the brink of enslavement, and only the best of the best can save humanity. The head of the international S.I.T. organization, Nick Fury, gathers the outstanding champions of justice and goodness to repel the attack. Led by Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, the Incredible Hulk, Falcon Eyes and Black Widow go to war with the invader.
The Predator (2018) poster ★ 5.3

The Predator (2018)

Similar to Venom (2018)?

The protagonist, a former military man, discovers an evil alien race on Earth, but no one believes him that these creatures exist. His autistic son, who is bullied at school, becomes a key figure in the fight against the Predators, because the boy can learn languages incredibly fast and, apparently, can understand the aliens.
Iron Man 2 (2010) poster ★ 7.0

Iron Man 2 (2010)

Similar to Venom (2018)?

Six months have passed since the world learned that billionaire inventor Tony Stark is the owner of the unique Iron Man cyber-armor. The public demands that Stark hand over the armor technology to the U.S. government, but Tony does not want to disclose its secrets because he is afraid that it will fall into the wrong hands.

Meanwhile, Ivan Vanko, son of a Russian scientist who once worked for Stark's firm, but was later fired and deprived of everything, intends to avenge Tony for the misfortunes of his family. To do this he builds his own high-tech weapon.

Bloodshot (2020) poster ★ 5.7

Bloodshot (2020)

Similar to Venom (2018)?

Ray Garrison returns from another hot spot to his beloved beautiful wife. The couple spend a vacation in Europe, but their happiness does not last long - terrorists, failing to get the information they need from Ray, kill his wife and then him.

But soon the RST corporation brings him back to life. An army of nanorobots in his blood transformed Ray into the immortal Bloodshot, and now the soldier is endowed with superpowers and the ability to instantly heal himself, except that his memory leaves much to be desired. But soon the memories of the last moments of his life return, and Bloodshot sets out to avenge his wife's death.

The Incredible Hulk (2008) poster ★ 6.7

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Is The Incredible Hulk (2008) similar to Venom (2018) film?

The story of Dr. Bruce Banner, who seeks a cure for his unusual "disease" that turns him into a giant green Hulk monster during times of emotional stress. While on the run from an army bent on capturing him, Bruce almost finds the cure, but all his efforts go to waste when the Hulk suddenly has a new, incredibly powerful adversary.

More about Venom movie

What if one day a symbiote creature possesses you and gives you superhuman powers? Except that Venom is not a symbiote at all, and it is impossible to negotiate with him. But do you have to negotiate? After all, at some point you realize that being bad isn't so bad at all. It's even more fun. There are already too many superheroes in the world! We're Venom!

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