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16 Series Like Welcome to Wrexham (2022–)

Ted Lasso (2020–) poster

1 Ted Lasso (2020–) ★ 8.8

Similar to Welcome to Wrexham (2022–)?

American college football coach Ted Lasso heads to London to manage AFC Richmond, a struggling English Premier League football team.
Red Oaks (2014–2017) poster

2 Red Oaks (2014–2017) ★ 7.9

Similar to Welcome to Wrexham (2022–)?

A coming-of-age comedy set in the "go-go" 80s about a college student enjoying a last hurrah before summer comes to an end--and the future begins.
Ballers (2015–2019) poster

3 Ballers (2015–2019) ★ 7.5

Similar to Welcome to Wrexham (2022–)?

Ballers is a half-hour comedy series starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Looking at the lives of former and current football players, the show follows former superstar Spencer Strasmore as he gets his life on track in retirement while mentoring other current and former players through the daily grind of the business of football.
Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019–) poster

4 Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019–) ★ 8.6

Like Welcome to Wrexham (2022–) film?

Docuseries following the FIA Formula One World Championship across multiple seasons.
The Last Dance (2020) poster

5 The Last Dance (2020) ★ 9.1

Like Welcome to Wrexham (2022–) film?

Charting the rise of the 1990s Chicago Bulls, led by Michael Jordan, one of the most notable dynasties in sports history.
All or Nothing: Arsenal (2022–) poster

6 All or Nothing: Arsenal (2022–) ★ 8.9

Like Welcome to Wrexham (2022–) film?

Shows the behind the curtain during a crucial season at one of the world's biggest football clubs, as Arsenal focus their efforts on challenging for domestic success and returning to elite European competition.
Friday Night Lights (2006–2011) poster

7 Friday Night Lights (2006–2011) ★ 8.7

Like Welcome to Wrexham (2022–) film?

Shows,Drama, Sport
In the small town of Dillon, Texas, one night matters: Friday Night. Eric Taylor has recently been hired as the head football coach for the Dillon High School Panthers, the town's pride and joy. Friday Night Lights displays the stress that the town gives the high school players to win, and the hope that the team gives to a small town, and how a team has its low points, its high points, and how they come together as a team on their way to victory.
Sports Night (1998–2000) poster

8 Sports Night (1998–2000) ★ 8.3

Casey McCall and Dan Rydell are sports anchors and best friends. On "Sports Night," their nightly cable program, the two display their unique talent and skills in reporting up-to-the-minute sports news. When they step off-camera, office romances and sports-related hijinks ensue.
All American (2018–) poster

9 All American (2018–) ★ 7.5

Shows,Drama, Sport
Inspired by the true life story of NFL Superbowl Champion, Spencer Paysinger, All American is an inspiring, ensemble family drama about a young, high school football phenom, Spencer James and the two families whose homes he shares after transferring from Crenshaw to Beverly High - his mother and brother in South Central LA and the Bakers of Beverly Hills. But as these two families and their vastly different worlds are drawn together, Spencer, the Bakers, and the James family will discover that the differences that divide us on the surface hide a deeper connection - the complicated, imperfect humanity that unites us all.

Popular movies

Playmakers (2003) poster

10 Playmakers (2003) ★ 8.4

Shows,Crime, Drama, Sport
The series is a gritty ensemble drama about the off-field lives of a group of players on a pro football team and how they deal with the pressure of being on the professional level.
A League of Their Own (2022–) poster

11 A League of Their Own (2022–) ★ 6.6

Comedy series about the WWII All-American professional women's baseball league.
Pitch (2016–2017) poster

12 Pitch (2016–2017) ★ 7.3

Shows,Drama, Sport
A young pitcher becomes the first woman to play in the Major Leagues.
The White Shadow (1978–1981) poster

13 The White Shadow (1978–1981) ★ 8.0

Shows,Drama, Sport
Ken Reeves was a professional basketball player who had to retire because of injuries. Against his sister Katie's advice, Ken takes a job as the basketball coach at Carver High School in Los Angeles, a tough, mixed-race school. Jim Willis, Ken's friend, was the principal for the first two seasons and was replaced by Sybil Buchanan, the former vice-principal, in the third year.
Brockmire (2017–2020) poster

14 Brockmire (2017–2020) ★ 8.0

A famed major league baseball announcer, who suffers an embarrassing and very public meltdown live on the air after discovering his beloved wife's serial infidelity, decides to reclaim his career and love life in a small town a decade later.
GLOW (2017–2019) poster

15 GLOW (2017–2019) ★ 8.0

Is GLOW (2017–2019) similar to Welcome to Wrexham (2022–) film?

In Los Angeles in 1985, Ruth Wilder, a struggling actress, auditions along with many other women in a fledgling professional wrestling promotion called the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW). Traditionally minded in her approach to acting and highly idealistic, she clashes with GLOW's director Sam Sylvia due to his cynical demeanor and often unconventional work style. She discovers early on that he has employed her former best friend, retired soap opera actress Debbie Eagan to star in the show. Ruth and Debbie had fallen out with one another after Ruth had an affair with her husband, Mark, who she then divorced. The tension between the two women promises either to make or break the developing show.
The English Game (2020) poster

16 The English Game (2020) ★ 7.6

Is The English Game (2020) similar to Welcome to Wrexham (2022–) film?

England, 1879. With football still in its infancy and an amateur sport, upper-class teams, led by Old Etonians, have dominated the early years of the FA Cup. But a revolution is brewing: against the rules of the FA, James Walsh, the owner of working-class side Darwen FC and the associated mill, secretly pays talented Scottish players Fergus Suter and Jimmy Love to join the team ahead of the cup quarterfinals against Old Etonians, whose roster features several members of the FA Board, including team captain Arthur Kinnaird.

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