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15 Series Like Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (2022)

Young Wallander (2020–) poster

1 Young Wallander (2020–) ★ 6.9

Similar to Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (2022)?

Follow recently graduated police officer Kurt Wallander as he investigates his first case.
Slow Horses (2022–) poster

2 Slow Horses (2022–) ★ 7.7

Similar to Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (2022)?

Slough House is a dumping ground for members of the intelligence service who've screwed up: left a service file on a train, say, blown a surveillance, or become drunkenly unreliable. They're the service's poor relations, the slow horses and most bitter among them is River Cartwright, whose days are spent transcribing mobile phone conversations. But when a young man is abducted, and his kidnappers threaten to behead him live on the internet, River sees an opportunity to redeem himself. But is the victim who he first appears to be. And what's the kidnappers' connection with a disgraced journalist. As the clock ticks on the execution, River finds that everyone involved has their own agenda.
Alias Grace (2017) poster

3 Alias Grace (2017) ★ 7.7

Similar to Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (2022)?

Based on the true story of Grace Marks, a housemaid and immigrant from Ireland who was imprisoned in 1843, perhaps wrongly, for the murder of her employer Thomas Kinnear. Grace claims to have no memory of the murder yet the facts are irrefutable. A decade after, Dr. Simon Jordan tries to help Grace recall her past.
Safe (2018) poster

4 Safe (2018) ★ 7.2

Like Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (2022) film?

After his teenage daughter goes missing, a widowed surgeon begins uncovering dark secrets of the people closest to him.
The Alienist (2018–2020) poster

5 The Alienist (2018–2020) ★ 7.7

Like Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (2022) film?

The Alienist opens when a series of haunting, gruesome murders of boy prostitutes grips New York City. Newly appointed police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt (Geraghty) calls upon criminal psychologist (aka alienist) Dr. Laszlo Kreizler (Brühl) and newspaper illustrator John Moore (Evans) to conduct the investigation in secret. They are joined by Sara Howard (Fanning), a headstrong secretary determined to become the city's first female police detective. Using the emerging disciplines of psychology and early forensic investigation techniques, this band of social outsiders set out to find and apprehend one of New York City's first serial killers.
Black Spot (2017–) poster

6 Black Spot (2017–) ★ 7.4

Like Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (2022) film?

Villefranche is a small town without phone reception on the edge of a mysterious forest. The number of inhabitants is dwindling but there's a sharp rise in crime. Police inspector Laurène, once the victim of a crime herself, keeps on discovering fresh corpses.
The Essex Serpent (2022) poster

7 The Essex Serpent (2022) ★ 6.3

Like Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (2022) film?

Shows,Drama, Mystery
The Essex Serpent follows newly widowed Cora, who, having been released from an abusive marriage, relocates from Victorian London to the small village of Aldwinter in Essex, intrigued by a local superstition that a mythical creature known as the Essex Serpent has returned to the area.
The Valhalla Murders (2019–2020) poster

8 The Valhalla Murders (2019–2020) ★ 7.1

A police investigator named Arnar travels from Norway to assist in the investigation surrounding Iceland's first serial killer. He works with Kata, the officer in charge of the case, and together they must race against the clock to find the murderer before it's too late. While the victims initially seem unrelated, the trail leads them to an abandoned boys' home named Valhalla, where some horrifying events occurred 35 years earlier.
Shining Girls (2022–) poster

9 Shining Girls (2022–) ★ 7.4

Years after a brutal attack left her in a constantly shifting reality, Kirby Mazrachi learns that a recent murder is linked to her assault. She teams with a veteran reporter to understand her ever-changing present and confront her past.

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Poldark (2015–2019) poster

10 Poldark (2015–2019) ★ 8.3

Shows,Drama, Romance
Ross Poldark returns to England after fighting in the American Revolution. His family and friends thought he was dead. The woman he hoped to marry is now engaged to his cousin. His father is dead, and the property he has inherited has been allowed to deteriorate. It is the late 1700s in Cornwall, England. This is a family drama, but is also about the challenges and conflicts between the rich and the poor. It is a time when fishermen are not catching much fish, tin and copper mines are closing down because prices are too low, but the price of food and rents are high. Ross faces the challenge of making his land productive, caring for the tenants who rely on him, and trying to win back the woman he loved - or finding a reason to live without her.
The Stranger (2020) poster

11 The Stranger (2020) ★ 7.3

Based on Harlan Coben's novel of the same name, the series will follow Adam Price, who seems to be living the perfect life - two great sons, a watertight marriage - until a stranger approaches him at a bar and reveals a shocking secret about Price's wife, Corinne.
The Long Call (2021–) poster

12 The Long Call (2021–) ★ 6.5

When a body is found on a beach in North Devon, DI Matthew Venn tackles a case that has no witnesses, no forensics and no motive. Matthew is also dealing with the death of his father and being thrust back into a community he was forced to leave.
The Responder (2022–) poster

13 The Responder (2022–) ★ 7.4

A crisis-stricken, morally-compromised first-responder tackles a series of night shifts on the beat in Liverpool while trying to keep his head above water personally and professionally.
Traces (2019–2022) poster

14 Traces (2019–2022) ★ 7.0

While attending an online forensic course, young lab assistant discovers that the fictitious case study has a link to her past. With the help of two female professors she works on bringing a killer to justice.
The Bay (2019–) poster

15 The Bay (2019–) ★ 7.1

Is The Bay (2019–) similar to Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (2022) film?

Detective Sergeant Lisa Armstrong investigates a missing person in Morecambe Bay.

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