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12 Movies Like A World Without (2021)

Kartini: Princess of Java (2017) poster

1 Kartini: Princess of Java (2017) ★ 7.6

Similar to A World Without (2021)?

This movie follows the story of the Indonesian heroine named Kartini. In the early 1900s, when Indonesia was still a colony of the Netherlands, women weren't allowed to get higher education. Kartini grew up to fight for equality for women.
Bridezilla (2019) poster

2 Bridezilla (2019) ★ 5.9

Similar to A World Without (2021)?

A wedding organizer has been obsessed since childhood to make the most magnificent wedding. She is ambitious to make the wedding she is working on to be a wedding of the year from Wedding Star magazine.
Mantan Manten (2019) poster

3 Mantan Manten (2019) ★ 7.1

Similar to A World Without (2021)?

A wealthy woman is betrayed and all her wealth is gone. Her marriage plan is also in danger. But, she still has a villa as her only hope. To take the villa back, she had to become an assistant to a traditional bride shaman.
Dilan 1991 (2019) poster

4 Dilan 1991 (2019) ★ 6.7

Like A World Without (2021) film?

Dilan and Milea officially date. But Dilan is threatened to be expelled from school due to involves in gang fights. One day, when he is planning to fight again, Milea asks him to quit the motorcycle gang or their relationship ends.
Whipped (2020) poster

5 Whipped (2020) ★ 4.0

Like A World Without (2021) film?

Andovi, Tommy, Jovi, and Chandra try to get out of unhealthy relationships because they are "bucin" (slaves of love). They decide to take the "antibucin" class so they can have a more mature relationship, and not be enslaved by love. It turns out that the method of teaching, taught by Vania, is very extreme. Even threatening their love and friendship relationships.
Geez & Ann (2021) poster

6 Geez & Ann (2021) ★ 5.0

Like A World Without (2021) film?

They first met at an alumni event. The first meeting was very memorable for the dreamer Ann and the mysterious Geez.
Possesive (2017) poster

7 Possesive (2017) ★ 7.3

Like A World Without (2021) film?

A platform diving athlete in her final year of high school when she meets a transfer student. The initial romance blossoms, but something about him is unfolding one by one.
The Heartbreak Club (2021) poster

8 The Heartbreak Club (2021) ★ 6.2

Jat is a shy young man who is running a failing coffee shop with his brother-in-law Pet. When the café is on the cusp of closing down a young woman, Saras begins to start coming in daily and ordering Jat's family's special recipe coffee. Determined to get to know her and keep his business afloat, he becomes closer with her and they eventually start a tentative relationship. When she returns to university in the city, and suddenly stops calling and texting Jat goes to visit her and discovers she has moved on and is in a relationship with a new man, her rich boss Abdul. Jat's broken heart consumes him and affects everything and everyone in his life, until he learns to let go and move on.
Tersanjung: The Movie (2021) poster

9 Tersanjung: The Movie (2021) ★ 5.8

Yura (Clara Bernadeth), a poor girl who lives with adoptive parents, is lulled by hopes for life. She faces the complicated love triangle between Oka (Kevin Ardilio) and Christian (Giorgino Abraham). The story of dreams, romance, and emotions raging together.

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27 Steps of May (2018) poster

10 27 Steps of May (2018) ★ 8.0

Following a horrible experience, May has isolated herself and stopped talking. Her father blames himself and tries to live by May's conditions year after year. But one day a hole appears in the wall and through it May discovers a magician.
Story of Dinda: The Second Chance of Happiness (2021) poster

11 Story of Dinda: The Second Chance of Happiness (2021) ★ 5.8

Dinda believes that there is a kind of love that doesn't hurt, and Pram is the proof. Meeting Pram makes his world that almost collapsed back into one.
A Perfect Fit (2021) poster

12 A Perfect Fit (2021) ★ 5.3

Sparks fly when a fashion blogger in Bali meets a gifted shoemaker, leading her to question her commitment to her fiancé.

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