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20 Movies Like Almost Famous (2000)

Jerry Maguire (1996) poster

1 Jerry Maguire (1996) ★ 7.3

Similar to Almost Famous (2000)?

When a sports agent has a moral epiphany and is fired for expressing it, he decides to put his new philosophy to the test as an independent agent with the only athlete who stays with him and his former colleague.
The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) poster

2 The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) ★ 7.4

Similar to Almost Famous (2000)?

In late 1950s New York, Tom Ripley, a young underachiever, is sent to Italy to retrieve Dickie Greenleaf, a rich and spoiled millionaire playboy. But when the errand fails, Ripley takes extreme measures.
Yesterday (2019) poster

3 Yesterday (2019) ★ 6.8

Similar to Almost Famous (2000)?

A struggling musician realizes he's the only person on Earth who can remember The Beatles after waking up in an alternate reality where they never existed.
Punch-Drunk Love (2002) poster

4 Punch-Drunk Love (2002) ★ 7.3

Like Almost Famous (2000) film?

Socially frustrated Barry Egan calls a phone-sex line to curb his loneliness. Little does he know it will land him in deep trouble and will jeopardize his burgeoning romance with the mysterious Lena.
When Harry Met Sally... (1989) poster

5 When Harry Met Sally... (1989) ★ 7.6

Like Almost Famous (2000) film?

Harry and Sally have known each other for years, and are very good friends, but they fear sex would ruin the friendship.
Never been Kissed (1999) poster

6 Never been Kissed (1999) ★ 6.0

Like Almost Famous (2000) film?

A newspaper reporter enrolls in high school as part of research for a story.
That Thing You Do! (1996) poster

7 That Thing You Do! (1996) ★ 6.9

Like Almost Famous (2000) film?

A local Pennsylvania band scores a one-hit wonder in 1964 and rides the star-making machinery as long as they can, with lots of help from their manager.
Dazed and Confused (1993) poster

8 Dazed and Confused (1993) ★ 7.6

It's the last day of school at a high school in a small town in Texas in 1976. The upperclassmen are hazing the incoming freshmen, and everyone is trying to get stoned, drunk, or laid, even the football players that signed a pledge not to.
Rocketman (2019) poster

9 Rocketman (2019) ★ 7.3

A musical fantasy about the fantastical human story of Elton John's breakthrough years.

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Lady Bird (2017) poster

10 Lady Bird (2017) ★ 7.4

In 2002, an artistically inclined seventeen-year-old girl comes of age in Sacramento, California.
Singles (1992) poster

11 Singles (1992) ★ 6.7

A group of twenty-something friends search for love and success in grunge-era Seattle.
Walk the Line (2005) poster

12 Walk the Line (2005) ★ 7.8

A chronicle of country music legend Johnny Cash's life, from his early days on an Arkansas cotton farm to his rise to fame with Sun Records in Memphis, where he recorded alongside Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins.
Rock Star (2001) poster

13 Rock Star (2001) ★ 6.3

Lead singer of a tribute band becomes lead singer of the real band he idolizes.
Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) poster

14 Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) ★ 7.9

The story of the legendary British rock band Queen and lead singer Freddie Mercury, leading up to their famous performance at Live Aid (1985).
Little Miss Sunshine (2006) poster

15 Little Miss Sunshine (2006) ★ 7.8

Is Little Miss Sunshine (2006) similar to Almost Famous (2000) film?

Olive is a little girl who dreams of winning the Little Miss Happiness contest. Her family also wants Olive's dream to come true, but they are so burdened by their own quirks, neuroses, and problems that they can barely help her.

Olive's father, Richard, has little contact with his daughter and only maintains a relationship with her mother. Her uncle Frank, a famous scientist, tried to commit suicide after a failed affair with a male graduate student. Her brother Dwayne, a fanatical follower of Nietzsche, took a vow of silence that further alienated him from his family. Olive's grandfather, though an addict, is the only person in the family willing to help Olive prepare for the pageant.

And it all comes down to the fact that the whole family gets together and travels to faraway California so that Olive can compete in the Little Miss Happiness pageant.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006) is on #15 spot of movies related to Almost Famous (2000). Little Miss Sunshine (2006) was released in 2006, made by Jonathan Dayton and has average rating 7.8 in 2022. Main stars of the Little Miss Sunshine (2006) film are: Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Greg Kinnear.

Girl, Interrupted (1999) poster

16 Girl, Interrupted (1999) ★ 7.3

Is Girl, Interrupted (1999) similar to Almost Famous (2000) film?

Based on writer Susanna Kaysen's account of her 18-month stay at a mental hospital in the late 1960s.

Girl, Interrupted (1999) film was made by . Main stars of the movie: Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie, Clea DuVall. You can find Girl, Interrupted (1999) in the the next genre categories: Biography, Drama and Girl, Interrupted (1999) has average rating 7.3, according to Screench user votes.

Sideways (2004) poster

17 Sideways (2004) ★ 7.5

Is Sideways (2004) similar to Almost Famous (2000) film?

Miles Raymond, a loser writer and slowly drinking high school literature teacher, takes his best friend, retired actor Jack, on a trip to the wineries of California. Jack needs to relax before his wedding scheduled in a week. The two buddies have no idea what lies ahead and how much this week will change their lives.
High Fidelity (2000) poster

18 High Fidelity (2000) ★ 7.4

Is High Fidelity (2000) similar to Almost Famous (2000) film?

Rob, a record store owner and compulsive list maker, recounts his top five breakups, including the one in progress.

High Fidelity (2000) movie was filmed by as Director, starring John Cusack, Iben Hjejle, Todd Louiso. High Fidelity (2000) belongs to the next genres: Comedy, Drama, Music and has average rating 7.4, according to user votes.

Eighth Grade (2018) poster

19 Eighth Grade (2018) ★ 7.4

Is Eighth Grade (2018) similar to Almost Famous (2000) film?

Kayla Day, a shy eighth grader who struggles to make friends but also posts videos about self-confidence on the Internet for her online followers. She is not confident in real life and often feels that everyone hates her as they can't see behind "the camera." Kayla soon learns that it's important to be yourself when dealing with friendships because if someone likes you now after seeing your mask then maybe there will still love left over from before!

Eighth Grade (2018) is one of the last movies similar to Almost Famous (2000) and it was released in 2018. Elsie Fisher, Josh Hamilton, Emily Robinson are the main stars of the film and it belongs to the next genres: Comedy, Drama and has average user rating of 7.4 according to IMDB and Screench votes.

American Beauty (1999) poster

20 American Beauty (1999) ★ 8.4

Is American Beauty (1999) similar to Almost Famous (2000) film?

A sexually frustrated suburban father has a mid-life crisis after becoming infatuated with his daughter's best friend.

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