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20 Movies Like Last Looks (2021)

9 Bullets (2022) poster

1 9 Bullets (2022) ★ 3.8

Similar to Last Looks (2021)?

A burlesque dancer must go on the run to save a neighbor boy whose life is threatened by her ex-lover.
Grand Isle (2019) poster

2 Grand Isle (2019) ★ 4.6

Similar to Last Looks (2021)?

A young father is charged with murder and must prove his innocence by recalling a very twisted and dark night of events.
Midnight in the Switchgrass (2021) poster

3 Midnight in the Switchgrass (2021) ★ 4.4

Similar to Last Looks (2021)?

An FBI agent and Florida State officer team up to investigate a string of unsolved murder cases.
Survive the Game (2021) poster

4 Survive the Game (2021) ★ 3.3

Like Last Looks (2021) film?

A man's life on his farm is interrupted when a cop and a pair of dangerous criminals show up.
Vanquish (2021) poster

5 Vanquish (2021) ★ 2.7

Like Last Looks (2021) film?

As a former Russian drug courier, Victoria (Rose) is fighting to take out an array of violent gangsters with guns and guts - or she may never see her child again. The retired cop that holds the daughter hostage forces this upon her by controlling his position as superior.
Queenpins (2021) poster

6 Queenpins (2021) ★ 6.3

Like Last Looks (2021) film?

A pair of housewives create a $40 million coupon scam.
All the Old Knives (2022) poster

7 All the Old Knives (2022) ★ 6.1

Like Last Looks (2021) film?

Two CIA agents and ex-lovers (Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton) are brought back together years after a failed rescue attempt and forced to blur the lines between profession and passion in this deeply riveting tale of global espiona...
Wander (2020) poster

8 Wander (2020) ★ 5.0

After getting hired to probe a suspicious death in the small town of Wander, a mentally unstable private investigator becomes convinced the case is linked to the same 'conspiracy cover up' that caused the death of his daughter.
Corrective Measures (2022) poster

9 Corrective Measures (2022) ★ 4.3

Set in the world's most dangerous maximum-security penitentiary, home to the most treacherous criminals, tensions among the inmates and staff heighten, leading to anarchy that engulfs the prison and order is turned upside down.

Popular movies

Last Survivors (2021) poster

10 Last Survivors (2021) ★ 4.7

A father and son, who have been living off grid for 20 years, encounter an outsider who threatens to destroy the utopia they've built.
Copshop (2021) poster

11 Copshop (2021) ★ 6.2

On the run from a lethal assassin, a wily con artist devises a scheme to hide out inside a small-town police station-but when the hitman turns up at the precinct, an unsuspecting rookie cop finds herself caught in the crosshairs.
The Man from Toronto (2022) poster

12 The Man from Toronto (2022) ★ N/A

The world's deadliest assassin and New York's biggest screw-up are mistaken for each other at an Airbnb rental.
Dangerous (2021) poster

13 Dangerous (2021) ★ 5.1

A reformed sociopath journeys to a remote island to investigate the mystery behind his brother's demise, but soon ends up facing off with more than he bargained for.
The Little Things (2021) poster

14 The Little Things (2021) ★ 6.3

Kern County Deputy Sheriff Joe Deacon is sent to Los Angeles for what should have been a quick evidence-gathering assignment. Instead, he becomes embroiled in the search for a serial killer who is terrorizing the city.
The Contractor (2022) poster

15 The Contractor (2022) ★ 5.7

Is The Contractor (2022) similar to Last Looks (2021) film?

A discharged U.S. Special Forces sergeant, James Harper, risks everything for his family when he joins a private contracting organization.

The Contractor (2022) is on #15 spot of movies related to Last Looks (2021). The Contractor (2022) was released in 2022, made by Tarik Saleh and has average rating 5.7 in 2022. Main stars of the The Contractor (2022) film are: Chris Pine, Gillian Jacobs, Sander Thomas.

American Siege (2021) poster

16 American Siege (2021) ★ 3.3

Is American Siege (2021) similar to Last Looks (2021) film?

An ex-NYPD officer-turned-sheriff of a small rural Georgia town has to contend with a gang of thieves who have taken a wealthy doctor hostage.

American Siege (2021) film was made by . Main stars of the movie: Bruce Willis, Rob Gough, Anna Hindman. You can find American Siege (2021) in the the next genre categories: Action, Thriller and American Siege (2021) has average rating 3.3, according to Screench user votes.

The Protege (2021) poster

17 The Protege (2021) ★ 6.2

Is The Protege (2021) similar to Last Looks (2021) film?

When she was rescued as a child by the legendary assassin Moody, Anna became an incredibly talented contract killer. However when he is brutally murdered while away from her side one day on business; she vows to take revenge for him and everything that they had shared together over these years.
Night of the Sicario (2021) poster

18 Night of the Sicario (2021) ★ 3.3

Is Night of the Sicario (2021) similar to Last Looks (2021) film?

Taylor is forced to hide the young daughter of a Colombian woman in witness protection who will be testifying against a powerful drug cartel in Federal Court, as ruthless sicarios aim to hunt them down.

Night of the Sicario (2021) movie was filmed by as Director, starring Natasha Henstridge, Manny Perez, Costas Mandylor. Night of the Sicario (2021) belongs to the next genres: Action, Drama, Thriller and has average rating 3.3, according to user votes.

Out of Death (2021) poster

19 Out of Death (2021) ★ 3.2

Is Out of Death (2021) similar to Last Looks (2021) film?

A corrupt Sheriff's department in a rural mountain town comes undone when an unintended witness throws a wrench into their shady operation.

Out of Death (2021) is one of the last movies similar to Last Looks (2021) and it was released in 2021. Jaime King, Bruce Willis, Lala Kent are the main stars of the film and it belongs to the next genres: Crime, Thriller and has average user rating of 3.2 according to IMDB and Screench votes.

Blacklight (2022) poster

20 Blacklight (2022) ★ 4.7

Is Blacklight (2022) similar to Last Looks (2021) film?

Travis Block is a government operative coming to terms with his shadowy past. When he discovers a plot targeting U.S. citizens, Block finds himself in the crosshairs of the FBI director he once helped protect.
The Virtuoso (2021) poster

21 The Virtuoso (2021) ★ 4.9

Is The Virtuoso (2021) similar to Last Looks (2021) film?

Danger, deception and murder descend upon a sleepy town when a professional assassin accepts a new assignment from his enigmatic boss.

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