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18 Movies Like Mad God (2021)

The Resort (2021) poster

1 The Resort (2021) ★ 3.1

Similar to Mad God (2021)?

Four friends head to Hawaii to investigate reports of a haunting at an abandoned resort in hopes of finding the infamous Half-Faced Girl. When they arrive, they soon learn you should be careful what you wish for.
Bloody Hell (2020) poster

2 Bloody Hell (2020) ★ 6.5

Similar to Mad God (2021)?

During a bank robbery, Rex, a fella with the habit of talking to himself/conscience, takes down the robbers and after several gunshots, he successfully secures the entire establishment but unfortunately the whole successful mission ends in a tragic way for which he is tried and imprisoned. After doing his time, he moves to Finland for a break but gets trapped by a twisted cannibal family with a very dark secret.
A Classic Horror Story (2021) poster

3 A Classic Horror Story (2021) ★ 5.7

Similar to Mad God (2021)?

Five carpoolers travel in a motorhome to reach a common destination. Night falls, and to avoid a dead animal carcass, they crash into a tree. When they come to their senses, they find themselves in the middle of nowhere. The road they were traveling on has disappeared and there is only a dense, impenetrable forest and a wooden house in the middle of a clearing, which they discover is the home of a spine-chilling cult.
The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020) poster

4 The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020) ★ 6.2

Like Mad God (2021) film?

Terror grips a small mountain town as bodies are discovered after each full moon. Losing sleep, raising a teenage daughter, and caring for his ailing father, officer Marshall struggles to remind himself there's no such thing as we...
A Banquet (2021) poster

5 A Banquet (2021) ★ 4.8

Like Mad God (2021) film?

A widowed mother is radically tested when her teenage daughter insists a supernatural experience has left her body in service to a higher power.
Silent Night (2021) poster

6 Silent Night (2021) ★ 5.7

Like Mad God (2021) film?

Nell, Simon, and their son Art are ready to welcome friends and family for what promises to be a perfect Christmas gathering. Perfect except for one thing: everyone is going to die.
Censor (2021) poster

7 Censor (2021) ★ 6.0

Like Mad God (2021) film?

After viewing a strangely familiar video nasty, Enid, a film censor, sets out to solve the past mystery of her sister's disappearance, embarking on a quest that dissolves the line between fiction and reality.
Meander (2020) poster

8 Meander (2020) ★ 5.5

A woman finds herself locked in a series of strange tunnels full of deadly traps.
Night Raiders (2021) poster

9 Night Raiders (2021) ★ 5.2

A mother joins an underground band of vigilantes to try to rescue her daughter from a state-run institution.

Popular movies

The Cave (2005) poster

10 The Cave (2005) ★ 5.1

Blood-thirsty creatures await a pack of divers who become trapped in an underwater cave network.
Mayday (2021) poster

11 Mayday (2021) ★ 4.1

Ana is transported to a dreamlike and dangerous land where she joins an army of girls engaged in a never-ending war. Though she finds strength in this exhilarating world, she realizes that she's not the killer they want her to be.
Possessor (2020) poster

12 Possessor (2020) ★ 6.5

An agent works for a secretive organization that uses brain-implant technology to inhabit other people's bodies - ultimately driving them to commit assassinations for high-paying clients.
Slapface (2021) poster

13 Slapface (2021) ★ 5.1

A boy deals with the loss of his mother by creating a dangerous relationship with a monster rumored to live in the woods.
The Advent Calendar (2021) poster

14 The Advent Calendar (2021) ★ 6.4

Eva, an ex-dancer, is now living in a wheelchair, unable to walk. when her friend Sophie gives her an old wooden antique advent calendar before Christmas, she realizes each window contains a surprise that triggers repercussions in real life: some of them good, but most of them bad - Now Eva will have to choose between getting rid of the calendar or walking again - even if it causes death around her.
The Other Lamb (2019) poster

15 The Other Lamb (2019) ★ 5.2

Is The Other Lamb (2019) similar to Mad God (2021) film?

A girl born into an all-female cult led by a man in their compound begins to question his teachings and her own reality.

The Other Lamb (2019) is on #15 spot of movies related to Mad God (2021). The Other Lamb (2019) was released in 2019, made by Malgorzata Szumowska and has average rating 5.2 in 2022. Main stars of the The Other Lamb (2019) film are: Raffey Cassidy, Michiel Huisman, Denise Gough.

In the Earth (2021) poster

16 In the Earth (2021) ★ 5.2

Is In the Earth (2021) similar to Mad God (2021) film?

As the world searches for a cure to a disastrous virus, a scientist and park scout venture deep in the forest for a routine equipment run.

In the Earth (2021) film was made by . Main stars of the movie: Joel Fry, Reece Shearsmith, Hayley Squires. You can find In the Earth (2021) in the the next genre categories: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller and In the Earth (2021) has average rating 5.2, according to Screench user votes.

Spell (2020) poster

17 Spell (2020) ★ 5.5

Is Spell (2020) similar to Mad God (2021) film?

Marcus, a successful New York lawyer, learns of the death of his father, whom he has not spoken to in years. Together with his family - his wife and two teenage children - he takes his own small plane to Kentucky for the funeral, but somewhere over the Appalachian Mountains he gets caught in a thunderstorm and crashes. The wounded Marcus wakes up in the home of an elderly woman, Eloise. She claims to have nursed him back to health, but ignores questions about her family and, worst of all, abuses hoodoo magic.

Hatching (2022) poster

18 Hatching (2022) ★ 6.8

Is Hatching (2022) similar to Mad God (2021) film?

A young gymnast who tries desperately to please her demanding mother, discovers a strange egg. She hides it and keeps it warm, but when it hatches, what emerges shocks them all.

Hatching (2022) movie was filmed by as Director, starring Siiri Solalinna, Sophia Heikkilä, Jani Volanen. Hatching (2022) belongs to the next genres: Horror and has average rating 6.8, according to user votes.

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