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15 Movies Like Monos (2019)

47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019) poster

1 47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019) ★ 5.0

Similar to Monos (2019)?

Sasha was looking forward to the weekend to hang out with her friends, but her parents told her and her half-sister Mia to go on a water excursion. Deciding that the prospect of spending a few hours on a boat with naughty classmates who constantly bully Mia does not appeal to them, the sisters and Sasha's friends set off to explore an underwater cave. But the planned fun soon turns into a nightmare - in a confined space, the divers will have to save themselves from bloodthirsty sharks.
Red Dawn (2012) poster

2 Red Dawn (2012) ★ 5.3

Similar to Monos (2019)?

The city of Spokane, Washington is awakened by a North Korean paratrooper invasion. Marine Corps veteran Jed Eckert and his civilian brother, Matt, escape with a group of friends to an isolated cabin in the woods, where they witness the execution of their father at the hands of the ruthless Captain Cho. The brothers unite with their friends to form a guerrilla resistance group--the Wolverines--to drive the invaders from their home.
The Darkest Minds (2018) poster

3 The Darkest Minds (2018) ★ 5.7

Similar to Monos (2019)?

After an unknown disease kills 98% of American children, the 2% who survive with superpowers are sent to special camps. A 16-year-old girl escapes from such a camp and joins a group of other teenagers who are hiding from the government.
Shoot to Kill (1988) poster

4 Shoot to Kill (1988) ★ 6.8

Like Monos (2019) film?

Sidney Poitier returned to the big screen in this action-thriller, after a decade-long absence. When a cunning murderer vanishes into the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest, pursuing FBI agent Warren Stantin (Poitier) must exchange familiar city streets for unknown wilderness trails. Completely out of his element, Stantin is forced to enlist the aid of expert tracker Jonathan Knox (PLATOON'S Tom Berenger). The killer has infiltrated a guided hiking trip led by Knox's girlfriend Sarah (Kirstie Alley, at the height of her Cheers fame). Viewers don't know which of the hikers is the killer, and the tension lasts well into the movie.
Sorcerer (1977) poster

5 Sorcerer (1977) ★ 7.7

Like Monos (2019) film?

A gangster, a crooked banker, a hit man and an Arab terrorist are stranded and on the run in a small village in South America. Their only chance of escape is to drive two trucks filled with unstable dynamite (leaking nitroglycerin) up a long and rocky mountain road in order to plug an escalating oil refinery blaze. With their deadly cargo likely to explode at the slightest bump, the four men must put aside their differences and work together to survive.
The Zone (2007) poster

6 The Zone (2007) ★ 7.0

Like Monos (2019) film?

In Mexico City, a wealthy compound is surrounded by walls and surveillance system to protect the locals against the violence of the slums. During a stormy night, a billboard falls over the wall and three smalltime thieves cross the border through the breach to rob. They break into a house and kill an old lady; the residents organize militias to chase the delinquents. Two of them and one security guard are murdered by the vigilantes, but the sixteen year old Miguel hides in the basement of the teenager Alejandro. When Alejandro finds Miguel, he feeds and helps the boy, but it is impossible to escape from the Zone.
Possessor (2020) poster

7 Possessor (2020) ★ 6.5

Like Monos (2019) film?

An agent works for a secretive organization that uses brain-implant technology to inhabit other people's bodies - ultimately driving them to commit assassinations for high-paying clients.
The Kill Team (2019) poster

8 The Kill Team (2019) ★ 6.0

A young American soldier in Afghanistan is disturbed by his commanding officer's behavior and is faced with a moral dilemma.
City of Ghosts (2002) poster

9 City of Ghosts (2002) ★ 5.9

A con man flees to Southeast Asia when an international scam he was involved in goes sour. Suspecting he's been double-crossed by his long-time mentor, he sets off to Cambodia for his promised cut. What he finds there is a mysterious and hostile environment where even the most polished criminal can end up on deadly ground.

Popular movies

Special Forces (2011) poster

10 Special Forces (2011) ★ 6.3

In Afghanistan, French journalist Elsa and her colleague Amen are covering the story of Maina, a woman sold to a man when she was a child. Taliban leader Ahmed Zaief abducts Elsa and Amen and tries to force them to read a message to Western governments. The French president sends six Special Force to rescue Elsa who's hidden in a fortress in Pakistan. The team composed of Commander Kovax, Tic-Tac, Lucas, the sniper Elias, Victor and Marius release Elsa and Amen from their imprisonment but lose their radios. Now the group needs to cross the inhospitable land to save their lives with the Taliban chasing them.
Act of Valor (2012) poster

11 Act of Valor (2012) ★ 6.4

An elite team of Navy SEALs embark on a covert mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent.
No Escape (2015) poster

12 No Escape (2015) ★ 6.8

In their new overseas house, an American family soon finds themselves caught in the middle of a coup, and they frantically look for a safe escape from an environment where foreigners are being immediately executed.
Blood Diamond (2006) poster

13 Blood Diamond (2006) ★ 8.0

A fisherman, a smuggler, and a syndicate of businessmen match wits over the possession of a priceless diamond.
The Wall (2017) poster

14 The Wall (2017) ★ 6.2

Two American Soldiers are trapped by a lethal sniper, with only an unsteady wall between them.
Jungle (2017) poster

15 Jungle (2017) ★ 6.7

Is Jungle (2017) similar to Monos (2019) film?

A group of friends join a guide for a trek into the Bolivian jungle, searching for an Indian village. The men soon realize that the jungle is a difficult place to be.

Jungle (2017) is on #15 spot of movies related to Monos (2019). Jungle (2017) was released in 2017, made by and has average rating 6.7 in 2022. Main stars of the Jungle (2017) film are: Daniel Radcliffe, Thomas Kretschmann, Alex Russell.

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