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18 Movies Like Slapface (2021)

Amulet (2020) poster

1 Amulet (2020) ★ 4.8

Similar to Slapface (2021)?

An ex-soldier, living homeless in London, is offered a place to stay at a decaying house inhabited by a young woman and her dying mother. As he starts to fall for her, he cannot ignore his suspicion that something sinister is going on.
The Open House (2018) poster

2 The Open House (2018) ★ 3.2

Similar to Slapface (2021)?

After the death of her husband, Naomi and her teenage son Logan are left without a livelihood, and the woman's sister offers to let them live in her huge mansion in the middle of the woods. The house is for sale, so the new tenants must periodically leave the keys and the house with realtors for the day. Mourning their loss, the mother and son try to ignore some of the oddities of the dwelling, which may soon come back to haunt them.

The Hallow (2015) poster

3 The Hallow (2015) ★ 5.7

Similar to Slapface (2021)?

A couple moves into the backyards along with their infant baby. The husband who is an expert in microbiology has come to inspect the trees for clearance. He is warned by the locals not to trespass the forests as the "hallows" will trespass into his house n steal his baby. One night the window of the infant's room is broken but the couple is assured by the local cop not to worry as some bird must have done it but things get very dreadful as the mystery unfolds.
Along Came the Devil (2018) poster

4 Along Came the Devil (2018) ★ 4.0

Like Slapface (2021) film?

After a troubled childhood, Ashley searches for a connection, and unknowingly invites in a demonic force, which leaves her loved ones fighting for her soul.
Djinn (2013) poster

5 Djinn (2013) ★ 4.3

Like Slapface (2021) film?

An Emirati couple return home from a trip and discover that their new apartment has been built on a site that is home to some malevolent beings.
The Long Night (2022) poster

6 The Long Night (2022) ★ 3.7

Like Slapface (2021) film?

A devoted couple's quiet weekend takes a bizarre turn when a nightmarish cult and their maniacal leader come to fulfill an apocalyptic prophesy.
Another Kind (2013) poster

7 Another Kind (2013) ★ 5.1

Like Slapface (2021) film?

A group of unprepared weekend hikers go missing while snowshoeing in the Catskill Mountains.
The Resort (2021) poster

8 The Resort (2021) ★ 3.1

Four friends head to Hawaii to investigate reports of a haunting at an abandoned resort in hopes of finding the infamous Half-Faced Girl. When they arrive, they soon learn you should be careful what you wish for.
The Jack in the Box (2019) poster

9 The Jack in the Box (2019) ★ 4.2

When a vintage Jack-in-the-box is found and opened, it's new owners soon have reasons to believe the creepy clown doll within has a life of its own.

Popular movies

The Shed (2019) poster

10 The Shed (2019) ★ 4.8

Stan lives with his abusive grandfather and tries to protect his best friend from high school bullies. When he discovers a murderous creature has taken refuge inside his tool shed, he tries to battle the demon alone until his bullied friend discovers the creature and has a far more sinister plan.
Pyewacket (2017) poster

11 Pyewacket (2017) ★ 5.8

A frustrated, angst-ridden teenage girl awakens something in the woods when she naively performs an occult ritual to evoke a witch to kill her mother.
Separation (2021) poster

12 Separation (2021) ★ 4.7

A young girl finds solace in her artist father and the ghost of her dead mother.
Hatching (2022) poster

13 Hatching (2022) ★ 6.8

A young gymnast who tries desperately to please her demanding mother, discovers a strange egg. She hides it and keeps it warm, but when it hatches, what emerges shocks them all.
A House on the Bayou (2021) poster

14 A House on the Bayou (2021) ★ 5.4

Follows a troubled couple and their daughter who go on vacation to an isolated house in the Louisiana bayou to reconnect as a family. But when unexpected visitors arrive, the unity starts to unravel.
Come Play (2020) poster

15 Come Play (2020) ★ 5.7

Is Come Play (2020) similar to Slapface (2021) film?

A monster named Larry manifests itself through smart phones and mobile devices. Feature film version of the 2017 short film.

Come Play (2020) is on #15 spot of movies related to Slapface (2021). Come Play (2020) was released in 2020, made by Jacob Chase and has average rating 5.7 in 2022. Main stars of the Come Play (2020) film are: Azhy Robertson, Gillian Jacobs, John Gallagher Jr..

Playdate (2012) poster

16 Playdate (2012) ★ 4.5

Is Playdate (2012) similar to Slapface (2021) film?

After befriending a family that has just moved in next door, Emily Valentine begins to realize that these new neighbors are hiding a deadly secret. And when her daughter is "accidentally" hurt on a playdate with her neighbor's son...

Playdate (2012) film was made by . Main stars of the movie: Marguerite Moreau, Richard Ruccolo, Abby Brammell. You can find Playdate (2012) in the the next genre categories: Horror, Mystery, Thriller and Playdate (2012) has average rating 4.5, according to Screench user votes.

Know Fear (2021) poster

17 Know Fear (2021) ★ 3.9

Is Know Fear (2021) similar to Slapface (2021) film?

After the possession of his wife, Donald Capel and his family activate a dangerous ritual in a book used to identify and banish demons, a ritual forcing each member of the family to communicate with the demon in their own unique way: to see it, hear it, or speak to it.
A Banquet (2021) poster

18 A Banquet (2021) ★ 4.8

Is A Banquet (2021) similar to Slapface (2021) film?

A widowed mother is radically tested when her teenage daughter insists a supernatural experience has left her body in service to a higher power.

A Banquet (2021) movie was filmed by as Director, starring Sienna Guillory, Jessica Alexander, Ruby Stokes. A Banquet (2021) belongs to the next genres: Horror and has average rating 4.8, according to user votes.

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