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20 Movies Like Spring Breakers (2012)

Thirteen (2003) poster

1 Thirteen (2003) ★ 6.8

Similar to Spring Breakers (2012)?

13-year old Tracy is trying to fit in at school, but makes a mistake when she befriends the new girl Evie. The two introduce each other into their own world of sex, drugs and cash. However it's not long before this attitude takes its toll on her family and friends; ultimately leaving them all hurt beyond repair.
LOL (2012) poster

2 LOL (2012) ★ 4.4

Similar to Spring Breakers (2012)?

As a new year at school begins, Lola's heart is broken by her boyfriend, though soon she's surprised by her best friend, promising musician Kyle, who reveals his feelings for her.

White Girl (2016) poster

3 White Girl (2016) ★ 5.7

Similar to Spring Breakers (2012)?

Summer, New York City. A college girl falls hard for a guy she just met. After a night of partying goes wrong, she goes to wild extremes to get him back.
Dope (2015) poster

4 Dope (2015) ★ 7.2

Like Spring Breakers (2012) film?

Life changes for Malcolm, a geek who's surviving life in a tough neighborhood, after a chance invitation to an underground party leads him and his friends into a Los Angeles adventure.
Tammy (2014) poster

5 Tammy (2014) ★ 4.9

Like Spring Breakers (2012) film?

Tammy gets fired from a fast-food restaurant. When she returns home, she catches her husband having a romantic dinner with a neighbor. After seeing this, Tammy packs up her things and goes to her parents' house. The distraught heroine decides to take a trip to Niagara Falls, only her mother refuses to give her her car. Tammy enlists the help of Pearl's grandmother. Eventually she and Grandma hit the road together, and it soon turns out that Pearl is a big drinker...

Tag (2018) poster

6 Tag (2018) ★ 6.5

Like Spring Breakers (2012) film?

A small group of former classmates organize an elaborate, annual game of tag that requires some to travel all over the country.
Rough Night (2017) poster

7 Rough Night (2017) ★ 5.2

Like Spring Breakers (2012) film?

Things go terribly wrong for a group of girlfriends who hire a male stripper for a bachelorette party in Miami.
Neighbors (2014) poster

8 Neighbors (2014) ★ 6.3

After they are forced to live next to a fraternity house, a couple with a newborn baby do whatever they can to take them down.
Good Boys (2019) poster

9 Good Boys (2019) ★ 6.7

Three 6th grade boys ditch school and embark on an epic journey while carrying accidentally stolen drugs, being hunted by teenage girls, and trying to make their way home in time for a long-awaited party.

Popular movies

Blockers (2018) poster

10 Blockers (2018) ★ 6.2

Single mother Lisa Decker drops off her young daughter, Julie, for her first day of kindergarten. She watches on as Julie is joined by two other girls, Kayla and Sam. Kayla's dad Mitchell and Sam's dad Hunter introduce themselves and become close friends after seeing the bond between their children..
Hall Pass (2011) poster

11 Hall Pass (2011) ★ 5.9

Rick and Fred, two husbands who are having difficulty in their marriages, are given a Hall Pass by their wives: for one week, they can do whatever they want.
Bad Teacher (2011) poster

12 Bad Teacher (2011) ★ 5.6

A lazy, incompetent middle school teacher who hates her job, her students, and her co-workers is forced to return to teaching to make enough money for breast implants after her wealthy fiancé dumps her.
Flower (2017) poster

13 Flower (2017) ★ 6.0

A sexually curious teen forms an unorthodox kinship with her mentally unstable stepbrother.
Project X (2012) poster

14 Project X (2012) ★ 6.6

3 high school seniors throw a birthday party to make a name for themselves. As the night progresses, things spiral out of control as word of the party spreads.
Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016) poster

15 Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016) ★ 5.7

Is Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016) similar to Spring Breakers (2012) film?

When their new next-door neighbors turn out to be a sorority even more debaucherous than the fraternity previously living there, Mac and Kelly team with their former enemy, Teddy, to bring the girls down.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016) is on #15 spot of movies related to Spring Breakers (2012). Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016) was released in 2016, made by and has average rating 5.7 in 2022. Main stars of the Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016) film are: Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron.

Easy A (2010) poster

16 Easy A (2010) ★ 7.0

Is Easy A (2010) similar to Spring Breakers (2012) film?

After a little white lie about losing her virginity gets out, a clean cut high school girl sees her life paralleling Hester Prynne's in "The Scarlet Letter," which she is currently studying in school - until she decides to use the rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing.

Easy A (2010) film was made by . Main stars of the movie: Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, Penn Badgley. You can find Easy A (2010) in the the next genre categories: Comedy, Drama, Romance and Easy A (2010) has average rating 7.0, according to Screench user votes.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016) poster

17 Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016) ★ 6.0

Is Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016) similar to Spring Breakers (2012) film?

Two hard-partying brothers place an online ad to find the perfect dates for their sister's Hawaiian wedding. Hoping for a wild getaway, the boys instead find themselves out-hustled by an uncontrollable duo.
Life of the Party (2018) poster

18 Life of the Party (2018) ★ 5.6

Is Life of the Party (2018) similar to Spring Breakers (2012) film?

After an unexpected divorce, housewife Diana decides to restart her own life and goes off to college. She finds herself in the same stream as her own daughter, who is not at all happy about this turn of events. But there's no stopping Diane. With open arms, she embraces the madness of college life.

Life of the Party (2018) movie was filmed by as Director, starring Melissa McCarthy, Matt Walsh, Molly Gordon. Life of the Party (2018) belongs to the next genres: Comedy and has average rating 5.6, according to user votes.

The Bling Ring (2013) poster

19 The Bling Ring (2013) ★ 5.6

Is The Bling Ring (2013) similar to Spring Breakers (2012) film?

Inspired by actual events, a group of fame-obsessed teenagers use the internet to track celebrities' whereabouts in order to rob their homes.

The Bling Ring (2013) is one of the last movies similar to Spring Breakers (2012) and it was released in 2013. Katie Chang, Israel Broussard, Emma Watson are the main stars of the film and it belongs to the next genres: Biography, Crime, Drama and has average user rating of 5.6 according to IMDB and Screench votes.

Big Time Adolescence (2019) poster

20 Big Time Adolescence (2019) ★ 6.9

Is Big Time Adolescence (2019) similar to Spring Breakers (2012) film?

A suburban teenager comes of age under the destructive guidance of his best friend, an aimless college dropout.

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