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Every Day (2018) poster ★ 6.4

1 Every Day (2018)

Similar to Status Update (2018)?

Every day he wakes up in a new body. His morning is a new home, a new family, new friends. He is a disembodied spirit who sees the world through the eyes of others and lives short moments of other people's lives. But one day he meets Rhiannon, and every day becomes an attempt to return to this girl who has become the one for him. Now they must find a way to stay together.

The Art of Getting By (2011) poster ★ 6.6

2 The Art of Getting By (2011)

Similar to Status Update (2018)?

George is a lonely and withdrawn teenager with little interest in life. He has a talent for drawing, but this gift goes to waste, as well as the boy's school education, for a long time not listening to teachers and not doing his homework. But one day George meets a complicated girl, Sally, who takes a friendly interest in him. Over time, this relationship develops into something more, and George finds himself facing the most important lesson of his life--a love lesson he simply must learn.

Summer 03 (2018) poster ★ 5.5

3 Summer 03 (2018)

Similar to Status Update (2018)?

Sixteen-year-old Jamie's life goes on as usual: she walks, loves, and befriends. Everything turns upside down when a pile of family secrets come to light.

Teen Spirit (2011) poster ★ 5.5

4 Teen Spirit (2011)

Like Status Update (2018) film?

The plot revolves around Amber, a bitchy popular girl who dies from electrocution. She won't be allowed to go to heaven unless she helps the most unpopular girl in school, Lisa, become prom queen within a week, but... things don't go as planned.

17 Again (2009) poster ★ 6.4

5 17 Again (2009)

Like Status Update (2018) film?

Would you like to start your life over? Father of two Mike O'Donnell would. Suddenly, he gets a magical chance to return to his hometown school, Hayden High. Now Mike is the star of the basketball team, the girls' dream and a classmate of his own offspring, transformed from a negligent dad to a great friend.

The First Time (2012) poster ★ 6.8

6 The First Time (2012)

Like Status Update (2018) film?

Handsome Dave is hopelessly and hopelessly in love with the first high school sweetheart. Charming Aubrey meets a self-righteous macho man who is totally unsuitable for her, but with whom she, for some reason, decided to lose her virginity. And there's no telling how the lives of these two wonderful young people would have turned out if they hadn't accidentally bumped into each other at a party that was broken up by the police.

Aubrey and Dave become friends -- no, don't get me wrong -- just friends who can cry on each other's shoulder and complain about the vicissitudes of love. But one day their tender friendship begins to transform under the influence of a strong erotic electricity into something more exciting and thrilling. Something that everyone has had for the first time at some point... and that is sometimes funny to remember later.

Swiped (2018) poster ★ 3.0

7 Swiped (2018)

Like Status Update (2018) film?

James, a college freshman and computer genius, is enlisted by his womanizing roommate, Lance, to code the ultimate hook-up app. But when James discovers that his divorced mother is using the app, unexpected consequences ensue.

LOL (2012) poster ★ 4.4

8 LOL (2012)

As a new year at school begins, Lola's heart is broken by her boyfriend, though soon she's surprised by her best friend, promising musician Kyle, who reveals his feelings for her.

All Summers End (2017) poster ★ 6.1

9 All Summers End (2017)

A teenage boy tries to cope with his conscience, which does not keep quiet because of a prank that led to the death of his girlfriend's older brother.

Prom (2011) poster ★ 5.4

10 Prom (2011)

For Nova, preparations for prom turn into a struggle with her own desires, as she is drawn to a school rebel who is against prom per se. May and Tyler are hiding a secret only they know, while their classmates are busy worrying and anticipating the main event of the year.

The DUFF (2015) poster ★ 6.5

11 The DUFF (2015)

The jock, the nerd, the rocker, the bitch - every company has characters with these nicknames. Bianca Piper has no idea what her name is behind her back. Her friends cheat off her physics and take her to parties to make her look cooler. High school playboy Wesley Rush opens her eyes to the truth... How can Bianca get rid of her disgraced status, become irresistible, and win the heart of the first handsome man?

Good Kids (2016) poster ★ 6.1

12 Good Kids (2016)

Four high school students look to redefine themselves after graduation.
Little Bitches (2018) poster ★ 4.0

13 Little Bitches (2018)

The movie is about three high school girlfriends who agree to open their college acceptance letters together during a big high school graduation party.

Midnight Sun (2018) poster ★ 6.6

14 Midnight Sun (2018)

At night, 17-year-old Cathy composes beautiful songs to her guitar, while during the day she is forced to hide in the darkness: her delicate skin cannot stand the sunlight. But one midnight Katie meets Charlie, a cheerful guy with a charming smile. Sudden and passionate love brightens up the life of a sick girl. And now, for the sake of her lover, she is ready to burn in the light of a crazy.
Expelled (2014) poster ★ 4.8

15 Expelled (2014)

Is Expelled (2014) similar to Status Update (2018) film?

Felix O'Neill goes to school for the sole purpose of having fun. When his shenanigans piss off the principal, Felix is shamefully expelled from the school. Now his main task: to do everything so that parents do not learn about his expulsion...

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