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17 Movies Like The Eight Mountains (2022)

The Past (2013) poster

1 The Past (2013) ★ 7.7

Similar to The Eight Mountains (2022)?

An Iranian man deserts his French wife and her two children to return to his homeland. Meanwhile, his wife starts up a new relationship, a reality her husband confronts upon his wife's request for a divorce.
Paris Is Us (2019) poster

2 Paris Is Us (2019) ★ 4.6

Similar to The Eight Mountains (2022)?

Anna misses the flight she should have taken to find Greg in Barcelona. The plane crashes. Taken in the vertigo of a death that has been narrowly avoided, she moves away from reality and the present. As his couple breaks up, Paris becomes the mirror of his distress.
The Best Years of a Life (2019) poster

3 The Best Years of a Life (2019) ★ 6.8

Similar to The Eight Mountains (2022)?

An old man is having memories of a former lover who is still alive. Images of their affair showing them young combine with dreams and poetry
In the Aisles (2018) poster

4 In the Aisles (2018) ★ 6.9

Like The Eight Mountains (2022) film?

Christian begins to work as a shelf stacker at a supermarket and finds himself in a new, unknown world: the long aisles, the bustle at the checkouts, the forklifts.
Treat Me Like Fire (2018) poster

5 Treat Me Like Fire (2018) ★ 5.6

Like The Eight Mountains (2022) film?

When Ella meets Abel, her life changes. In the wake of this elusive lover, the girl will discover the cosmopolitan Paris and underground gaming circles, where adrenaline and money reign. First a bet, their story is transformed into a devouring passion.
Mama Weed (2020) poster

6 Mama Weed (2020) ★ 6.2

Like The Eight Mountains (2022) film?

Based on the novel by Hannelore Cayre, the story centers around Patience Portefeux, an underpaid, overworked French-Arabic translator in charge of phone surveillance for a narcotics police unit. When she realizes she knows the mother of one of the drug dealers, Patience decides to cover for him and gets herself more and more deeply involved in the world of drug trafficking. Soon, she is using her insider knowledge and police resources to build her own crime network and earns the name Mama Weed.
A Woman's Life (2016) poster

7 A Woman's Life (2016) ★ 6.3

Like The Eight Mountains (2022) film?

A fragmented account of the life of Jeanne as she sets out on the path of adult life and gradually experiences the harsh realities of a woman's life in the 19th-century.
Youth (2015) poster

8 Youth (2015) ★ 7.3

Fred and Mick, two old friends, are on vacation in an elegant hotel at the foot of the Alps. Fred, a composer and conductor, is now retired. Mick, a movie director, is still working. They look with curiosity and tenderness on their children's confused lives, Mick's enthusiastic young writers, and the other hotel guests. While Mick scrambles to finish the screenplay for what he imagines will be his last important movie, Fred has no intention of resuming his musical career. But someone wants at all costs to hear him conduct again.
Suzanna Andler (2021) poster

9 Suzanna Andler (2021) ★ 5.3

Trapped in marriage to a wealthy, unfaithful businessman, a middle aged mother takes a break and goes with her young lover to a Riviera beach house where she plans a family vacation for the summer.

Popular movies

Synonyms (2019) poster

10 Synonyms (2019) ★ 6.4

A young Israeli man absconds to Paris to flee his nationality, aided by his trusty Franco-Israeli dictionary.
Adoration (2019) poster

11 Adoration (2019) ★ 6.2

Love and mental illness knows no bounds.
Two Friends (2015) poster

12 Two Friends (2015) ★ 5.9

Two best friends have their relationship tested when Abel tries to help his friend Clement with the latter's love interest Mona.
The Ties (2020) poster

13 The Ties (2020) ★ 6.3

A marriage-in-crisis drama set in Naples and Rome over a long period starting in the 1980s.
Samba (2014) poster

14 Samba (2014) ★ 6.6

Samba migrated to France ten years ago from Senegal, and has since been plugging away at various lowly jobs. Alice is a senior executive who has recently undergone a burn-out. Both struggle to get out of their dead-end lives. Samba's willing to do whatever it takes to get working papers, while Alice tries to get her life back on track until fate draws them together.
My King (2015) poster

15 My King (2015) ★ 7.1

Is My King (2015) similar to The Eight Mountains (2022) film?

Tony is admitted to a rehabilitation center after a serious ski accident. Dependent on the medical staff and pain relievers, she takes time to look back on a turbulent relationship that she experienced with Georgio. Why did they love each other? Who is this man that she loved so deeply? How did she allow herself to submit to this suffocating and destructive passion? A difficult healing process is in front of Tony, physical work which might finally set her free.

My King (2015) is on #15 spot of movies related to The Eight Mountains (2022). My King (2015) was released in 2015, made by Maïwenn and has average rating 7.1 in 2022. Main stars of the My King (2015) film are: Vincent Cassel, Emmanuelle Bercot, Louis Garrel.

Sorry We Missed You (2019) poster

16 Sorry We Missed You (2019) ★ 7.6

Is Sorry We Missed You (2019) similar to The Eight Mountains (2022) film?

Ricky and his family have been fighting an uphill struggle against debt since the 2008 financial crash. An opportunity to wrestle back some independence appears with a shiny new van and the chance to run a franchise as a self employed delivery driver. It's hard work, and his wife's job as a carer is no easier. The family unit is strong but when both are pulled in different directions everything comes to breaking point.

Sorry We Missed You (2019) film was made by . Main stars of the movie: Kris Hitchen, Debbie Honeywood, Rhys Mcgowan. You can find Sorry We Missed You (2019) in the the next genre categories: Drama and Sorry We Missed You (2019) has average rating 7.6, according to Screench user votes.

Deception (2021) poster

17 Deception (2021) ★ 5.7

Is Deception (2021) similar to The Eight Mountains (2022) film?

An American novelist living for a time in London converses with his wife, his mistress, and other female characters he may have dreamed up.

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