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20 Movies Like The Hunt (2020)

Ready or Not (2019) poster

1 Ready or Not (2019) ★ 6.9

Similar to The Hunt (2020)?

All of us have made certain efforts so our in-laws will like us, but Grace is going to have to give it her all if she wants to fit in with her brand new husband's wealthy dynasty, who require her to follow a brutal tradition: for the bride to try to survive her wedding night while the rest of them hunt her down. The class struggle stuff hits the proverbial fan in this extremely black satire starring a brilliant Samara Weaving and including an uncommonly perverse Andie MacDowell.
Revenge (2017) poster

2 Revenge (2017) ★ 6.4

Similar to The Hunt (2020)?

Never take your mistress on an annual guys' getaway, especially one devoted to hunting - a violent lesson for three wealthy married men.
Truth or Dare (2018) poster

3 Truth or Dare (2018) ★ 5.2

Similar to The Hunt (2020)?

A harmless game of Truth or Dare turns into a brutal race to the death when something supernatural gets involved. Whenever one of the participants lies or fails to perform an action, he or she is met with a brutal reprisal. Who will emerge victorious in the cruel game?
Freaky (2020) poster

4 Freaky (2020) ★ 6.3

Like The Hunt (2020) film?

After swapping bodies with a deranged serial killer, a young girl in high school discovers she has less than 24 hours before the change becomes permanent.
Happy Death Day (2017) poster

5 Happy Death Day (2017) ★ 6.6

Like The Hunt (2020) film?

Everyone at the university dreamed of going to her birthday party, but the holiday was hopelessly spoiled by a stranger in a mask that killed the birthday girl. However, fate has presented the birthday girl a chilling gift - an infinite supply of lives. And now the girl has a chance to find her killer, because this day will happen again and again.
The Tournament (2009) poster

6 The Tournament (2009) ★ 6.1

Like The Hunt (2020) film?

A tournament is watched by dozens of wealthy men betting on which one of the 30 assassins will survive the next 24 hours "kill or die" and claim the USD10,000,000 prize. It takes place in an English town with plenty of CCTVs.
Black and Blue (2019) poster

7 Black and Blue (2019) ★ 6.4

Like The Hunt (2020) film?

A young New Orleans police officer witnesses corrupt officers kill a drug dealer, an incident that remains recorded on her camera. The cops hunt her down to destroy the tape, but soon things get worse: they convince the criminal gang that the girl is responsible for the dealer's death.
Escape Room (2019) poster

8 Escape Room (2019) ★ 6.4

Six strangers are given mysterious black boxes with tickets to an immersive escape room for a chance to win tons of money. Being locked in several rooms with extreme conditions, they discover the secrets behind the escape room and must fight to survive and to find a way out.
Get Out (2017) poster

9 Get Out (2017) ★ 7.7

A young African-American visits his white girlfriend's parents for the weekend, where his simmering uneasiness about their reception of him eventually reaches a boiling point.

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Becky (2020) poster

10 Becky (2020) ★ 5.9

A teenager's weekend at a lake house with her father takes a turn for the worse when a group of convicts wreaks havoc on their lives.
Wrong Turn (2003) poster

11 Wrong Turn (2003) ★ 6.1

Chris and a group of five friends are left stranded deep in the middle of the woods after their cars collide. As they venture deeper into the woods, they face an uncertain and bloodcurdling fate.
Unhinged (2020) poster

12 Unhinged (2020) ★ 6.0

After a confrontation with an unstable man at an intersection, a woman becomes the target of his rage.
Us (2019) poster

13 Us (2019) ★ 6.8

In order to get away from their busy lives, the Wilson family takes a vacation to Santa Cruz, California with the plan of spending time with their friends, the Tyler family. On a day at the beach, their young son Jason almost wanders off, causing his mother Adelaide to become protective of her family. That night, four mysterious people break into Adelaide's childhood home where they're staying. The family is shocked to find out that the intruders look like them, only with grotesque appearances.
The Boy Next Door (2015) poster

14 The Boy Next Door (2015) ★ 4.7

A woman, separated from her unfaithful husband, falls for a younger man who has moved in next door, but their torrid affair soon takes a dangerous turn.
The Purge (2013) poster

15 The Purge (2013) ★ 5.7

Is The Purge (2013) similar to The Hunt (2020) film?

By 2022, an American governmental decision has been made, which says that all kinds of crimes including murders are legal for a period of 12 hours yearly. The aim of it is to let people get rid of their hatred by legalizing crimes, and then to decrease the rate of crime in the rest of the year, and to maintain a high economic level in US by taking out poor people lives and to give the priority for the high-class people to live.

The Purge (2013) is on #15 spot of movies related to The Hunt (2020). The Purge (2013) was released in 2013, made by James DeMonaco and has average rating 5.7 in 2022. Main stars of the The Purge (2013) film are: Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey, Max Burkholder.

Green Room (2015) poster

16 Green Room (2015) ★ 7.0

Is Green Room (2015) similar to The Hunt (2020) film?

A punk rock band is forced to fight for survival after witnessing a murder at a neo-Nazi skinhead bar.

Green Room (2015) film was made by . Main stars of the movie: Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkat. You can find Green Room (2015) in the the next genre categories: Crime, Drama, Horror and Green Room (2015) has average rating 7.0, according to Screench user votes.

Braven (2018) poster

17 Braven (2018) ★ 5.9

Is Braven (2018) similar to The Hunt (2020) film?

Joe Braven is a logging company owner who lives with his family in Canada. Joe's father, Linden, suffering from dementia, mistakes a woman in a bar for his wife, prompting a barroom brawl that lands Linden in the hospital. The family decides to take a break at their secluded log cabin, where they run into trouble from a drug dealer who wants to use Joe's business as a front for his cocaine operation.
Ma (2019) poster

18 Ma (2019) ★ 5.6

Is Ma (2019) similar to The Hunt (2020) film?

In this new psychological horror-thriller from Tate Taylor and Blumhouse, a lonely woman befriends a group of teenagers and decides to let them party at her house. Just when the kids think their luck couldn't get any better, things start happening that make them question the intention of their crazy host.

Ma (2019) movie was filmed by as Director, starring Octavia Spencer, Diana Silvers, Juliette Lewis. Ma (2019) belongs to the next genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller and has average rating 5.6, according to user votes.

Morgan (2016) poster

19 Morgan (2016) ★ 5.8

Is Morgan (2016) similar to The Hunt (2020) film?

An accident repair worker is sent to a remote, secret branch, where she must investigate and assess the casualties of the accident. On the spot, she learns that what happened was caused by a seemingly innocent "person" whose existence is itself a mystery.

Morgan (2016) is one of the last movies similar to The Hunt (2020) and it was released in 2016. are the main stars of the film and it belongs to the next genres: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi and has average user rating of 5.8 according to IMDB and Screench votes.

The Invisible Man (2020) poster

20 The Invisible Man (2020) ★ 7.1

Is The Invisible Man (2020) similar to The Hunt (2020) film?

Under the cover of night, Cecilia flees her boyfriend Adrian's high-tech home by sedating him with sleeping pills and disabling the surveillance and alarm systems. Now the girl lives at a friend's house, is afraid to go out and suffers from persecution mania when she learns that her former tormentor committed suicide. Adrian, a market leader in optical engineering, has left Cecilia a large inheritance, and at last the girl's life should be getting better. But soon she begins to feel anxious again, as if Adrian is sneaking up on her unnoticed - after all, you can't hide from a stalker you can't see.

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