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19 Movies Like The Last Duel (2021)

Outlaw King (2018) poster

1 Outlaw King (2018) ★ 6.9

Similar to The Last Duel (2021) ?

A true David vs. Goliath story of how the 14th century Scottish 'Outlaw King' Robert the Bruce used cunning and bravery to defeat the much larger and better equipped occupying English army.
Mary Queen of Scots (2018) poster

2 Mary Queen of Scots (2018) ★ 6.3

Similar to The Last Duel (2021) ?

Mary Stuart's (Saoirse Ronan's) attempt to overthrow her cousin Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie), Queen of England, finds her condemned to years of imprisonment before facing execution.
The Last King (2016) poster

3 The Last King (2016) ★ 6.1

Similar to The Last Duel (2021) ?

In the year 1206 Norway is raged by civil war. The King's illegitimate infant son, Håkon Håkonsson, which half the kingdom wants killed off, is guarded in secrecy by two men. A story which changed the course of the country's history.
The King (2019) poster

4 The King (2019) ★ 7.3

Like The Last Duel (2021) film?

Hal, wayward prince and heir to the English throne, is crowned King Henry V after his tyrannical father dies. Now the young king must navigate palace politics, the war his father left behind, and the emotional strings of his past life.
Last Knights (2015) poster

5 Last Knights (2015) ★ 6.1

Like The Last Duel (2021) film?

A fallen warrior rises against a corrupt and sadistic ruler to avenge his dishonored master.
Elizabeth (1998) poster

6 Elizabeth (1998) ★ 7.4

Like The Last Duel (2021) film?

The early years of the reign of Elizabeth I of England and her difficult task of learning what is necessary to be a monarch.
The 13th Warrior (1999) poster

7 The 13th Warrior (1999) ★ 6.6

Like The Last Duel (2021) film?

A man, having fallen in love with the wrong woman, is sent by the sultan himself on a diplomatic mission to a distant land as an ambassador. Stopping at a Viking village port to restock on supplies, he finds himself unwittingly embroiled in a quest to banish a mysterious threat in a distant Viking land.
Ironclad (2011) poster

8 Ironclad (2011) ★ 6.1

In thirteenth-century England, a Knights Templar and a few of the Barons men fight to defend Rochester Castle against the tyrannical King John.
Braveheart (1995) poster

9 Braveheart (1995) ★ 8.4

Scottish warrior William Wallace leads his countrymen in a rebellion to free his homeland from the tyranny of King Edward I of England.

Popular movies

The Card Counter (2021) poster

10 The Card Counter (2021) ★ 6.3

Redemption is the long game in Paul Schrader's THE CARD COUNTER. Told with Schrader's trademark cinematic intensity, the revenge thriller tells the story of an ex-military interrogator turned gambler haunted by the ghosts of his p...
Nightmare Alley (2021) poster

11 Nightmare Alley (2021) ★ 7.1

A grifter working his way up from low-ranking carnival worker to lauded psychic medium matches wits with a psychiatrist bent on exposing him.
Pilgrimage (2017) poster

12 Pilgrimage (2017) ★ 5.8

In 13th-century Ireland, a group of monks must escort a sacred relic across a landscape fraught with peril.
Gladiator (2000) poster

13 Gladiator (2000) ★ 8.5

A former Roman General sets out to exact vengeance against the corrupt emperor who murdered his family and sent him into slavery.
Robert the Bruce (2019) poster

14 Robert the Bruce (2019) ★ 5.4

The story of the nobleman-turned-outlaw hero who was crowned king of Scots in the 14th century.
The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021) poster

15 The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021) ★ 7.1

Is The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021) similar to The Last Duel (2021) film?

A Scottish lord becomes convinced by a trio of witches that he will become the next King of Scotland, and his ambitious wife supports him in his plans of seizing power.

The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021) is on #15 spot of movies related to The Last Duel (2021) . The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021) was released in 2021, made by Joel Coen and has average rating 7.1 in 2022. Main stars of the The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021) film are: Denzel Washington, Frances McDormand, Alex Hassell.

Robin Hood (2010) poster

16 Robin Hood (2010) ★ 6.6

Is Robin Hood (2010) similar to The Last Duel (2021) film?

In twelfth-century England, Robin Longstride and his band of marauders confront corruption in a local village and lead an uprising against the crown that will forever alter the balance of world power.

Robin Hood (2010) film was made by . Main stars of the movie: Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Matthew Macfadyen. You can find Robin Hood (2010) in the the next genre categories: Action, Adventure, Drama and Robin Hood (2010) has average rating 6.6, according to Screench user votes.

Stillwater (2021) poster

17 Stillwater (2021) ★ 6.7

Is Stillwater (2021) similar to The Last Duel (2021) film?

An American oil-rig roughneck travels to France, Marseille in particular, and visits his daughter who is imprisoned for a murder she claims that didn't commit. Confronted with language barriers, cultural differences as well as the complicated legal system of France itself; he soon builds himself up by making it his personal mission to exonerate her while living there.
Kingdom of Heaven (2005) poster

18 Kingdom of Heaven (2005) ★ 7.2

Is Kingdom of Heaven (2005) similar to The Last Duel (2021) film?

Balian of Ibelin travels to Jerusalem during the Crusades of the 12th century, and there he finds himself as the defender of the city and its people.

Kingdom of Heaven (2005) movie was filmed by as Director, starring Orlando Bloom, Eva Green, Liam Neeson. Kingdom of Heaven (2005) belongs to the next genres: Action, Adventure, Drama and has average rating 7.2, according to user votes.

The Green Knight (2021) poster

19 The Green Knight (2021) ★ 6.6

Is The Green Knight (2021) similar to The Last Duel (2021) film?

A fantasy retelling of the medieval story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

The Green Knight (2021) is one of the last movies similar to The Last Duel (2021) and it was released in 2021. Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton are the main stars of the film and it belongs to the next genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy and has average user rating of 6.6 according to IMDB and Screench votes.

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