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20 Movies Like The Outfit (2022)

Live by Night (2016) poster

1 Live by Night (2016) ★ 6.4

Similar to The Outfit (2022)?

A group of Boston-bred gangsters set up shop in balmy Florida during the Prohibition era, facing off against the competition and the Ku Klux Klan.
Bridge of Spies (2015) poster

2 Bridge of Spies (2015) ★ 7.6

Similar to The Outfit (2022)?

Set against the backdrop of a series of real historical events, the film tells the story of Brooklyn lawyer James Donovan, who finds himself in the midst of the Cold War when the CIA sends him on an almost impossible mission - to negotiate the release of a captured American U2 spy plane pilot in the USSR.
Nightmare Alley (2021) poster

3 Nightmare Alley (2021) ★ 7.1

Similar to The Outfit (2022)?

A grifter working his way up from low-ranking carnival worker to lauded psychic medium matches wits with a psychiatrist bent on exposing him.
The Gentlemen (2019) poster

4 The Gentlemen (2019) ★ 7.8

Like The Outfit (2022) film?

An American expat tries to sell off his highly profitable marijuana empire in London, triggering plots, schemes, bribery and blackmail in an attempt to steal his domain out from under him.
The Tailor of Panama (2001) poster

5 The Tailor of Panama (2001) ★ 6.1

Like The Outfit (2022) film?

John le Carré's spy thriller is brought to the big screen. A British spy is banished to Panama after having an affair with an ambassador's mistress. Once there he makes connection with a local tailor with a criminal past and connections to all of the top political and gangster figures in Panama. The tailor also has a wife, who works for the canal administrator, and a huge debt. The spy's mission is to learn what the President intends to do with the Panama Canal, but he's really in business for himself, blackmailing the tailor into spinning a fantastic tale about the canal being sold to China and former mercenaries ready to topple the current government.
Analyze This (1999) poster

6 Analyze This (1999) ★ 6.7

Like The Outfit (2022) film?

A comedy about a psychiatrist whose number one patient is an insecure mob boss.
The Dressmaker (2015) poster

7 The Dressmaker (2015) ★ 7.0

Like The Outfit (2022) film?

A glamorous woman returns to her small town in rural Australia. With her sewing machine and haute couture style, she transforms the women and exacts sweet revenge on those who did her wrong.
The Imitation Game (2014) poster

8 The Imitation Game (2014) ★ 2014

During World War II, the English mathematical genius Alan Turing tries to crack the German Enigma code with help from fellow mathematicians while attempting to come to terms with his troubled private life.
Interceptor (2022) poster

9 Interceptor (2022) ★ 4.4

One Army captain must use her years of tactical training and military expertise when a simultaneous coordinated attack threatens the remote missile interceptor station she is in command of.

Popular movies

The Untouchables (1987) poster

10 The Untouchables (1987) ★ 7.9

During the era of Prohibition in the United States, Federal Agent Eliot Ness sets out to stop ruthless Chicago gangster Al Capone and, because of rampant corruption, assembles a small, hand-picked team to help him.
Tom Clancy's Without Remorse (2021) poster

11 Tom Clancy's Without Remorse (2021) ★ 5.8

An elite Navy SEAL uncovers an international conspiracy while seeking justice for the murder of his pregnant wife in Tom Clancy's Without Remorse, the explosive origin story of action hero John Clark - one of the most popular characters in author Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan universe. When a squad of Russian soldiers kills his family in retaliation for his role in a top-secret op, Sr. Chief John Kelly pursues the assassins at all costs. Joining forces with a fellow SEAL and a shadowy CIA agent, Kelly's mission unwittingly exposes a covert plot that threatens to engulf the U.S. and Russia in an all-out war. Torn between personal honor and loyalty to his country, Kelly must fight his enemies without remorse if he hopes to avert disaster and reveal the powerful figures behind the conspiracy.
The Contractor (2022) poster

12 The Contractor (2022) ★ 5.7

A discharged U.S. Special Forces sergeant, James Harper, risks everything for his family when he joins a private contracting organization.
All the Old Knives (2022) poster

13 All the Old Knives (2022) ★ 6.1

Two CIA agents and ex-lovers (Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton) are brought back together years after a failed rescue attempt and forced to blur the lines between profession and passion in this deeply riveting tale of global espiona...
Twist (2021) poster

14 Twist (2021) ★ 4.1

A Modern take on the classic tale of Oliver Twist.
Last Looks (2021) poster

15 Last Looks (2021) ★ 5.6

Is Last Looks (2021) similar to The Outfit (2022) film?

A disgraced ex-cop seeks solace by moving to the woods, but his quiet life comes to an end when a private eye recruits him to investigate a murder.

Last Looks (2021) is on #15 spot of movies related to The Outfit (2022). Last Looks (2021) was released in 2021, made by Tim Kirkby and has average rating 5.6 in 2022. Main stars of the Last Looks (2021) film are: Charlie Hunnam, Mel Gibson, Lucy Fry.

Men of the Cloth (2013) poster

16 Men of the Cloth (2013) ★ 8.0

Is Men of the Cloth (2013) similar to The Outfit (2022) film?

An inspiring documentary portrait of three Italian master tailors who share their pride and devotion to their Old World craft while confronting their challenging role in the twilight of their career. The film unfolds the tapestry of

Men of the Cloth (2013) film was made by . Main stars of the movie: N/A. You can find Men of the Cloth (2013) in the the next genre categories: Documentary, Drama and Men of the Cloth (2013) has average rating 8.0, according to Screench user votes.

The Marksman (2021) poster

17 The Marksman (2021) ★ 5.6

Is The Marksman (2021) similar to The Outfit (2022) film?

A rancher on the Arizona border becomes the unlikely defender of a young Mexican boy desperately fleeing the cartel assassins who've pursued him into the U.S.
Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) poster

18 Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) ★ 7.7

Is Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) similar to The Outfit (2022) film?

Gary "Eggsy" Unwin, the chubby son of a deceased secret agent with serious anger issues and an impending jail sentence. However, dapper British spy Harry Hart sees potential in him and recruits him to be part of his top-secret covert agency training program. Meanwhile Richmond Valentine's evil plan to solve climate change has already begun as he sets out on kidnapping celebrities for their DNA code while also endangering many lives along the way.

Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) movie was filmed by as Director, starring Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Samuel L. Jackson. Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) belongs to the next genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy and has average rating 7.7, according to user votes.

City Hall (1996) poster

19 City Hall (1996) ★ 6.2

Is City Hall (1996) similar to The Outfit (2022) film?

The accidental shooting of a boy in New York leads to an investigation by the Deputy Mayor, and unexpectedly far-reaching consequences.

City Hall (1996) is one of the last movies similar to The Outfit (2022) and it was released in 1996. Al Pacino, John Cusack, Bridget Fonda are the main stars of the film and it belongs to the next genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery and has average user rating of 6.2 according to IMDB and Screench votes.

The Virtuoso (2021) poster

20 The Virtuoso (2021) ★ 4.9

Is The Virtuoso (2021) similar to The Outfit (2022) film?

Danger, deception and murder descend upon a sleepy town when a professional assassin accepts a new assignment from his enigmatic boss.

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