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17 Movies Like Borrego (2022)

Redemption Day (2021) poster

1 Redemption Day (2021) ★ 4.5

Similar to Borrego (2022)?

When the love of his life is kidnapped and held for ransom by terrorists, a war hero Brad Paxton races against the clock to rescue her in a daring and deadly operation that pits him against the most powerful and shadowy forces.
Last Survivors (2021) poster

2 Last Survivors (2021) ★ 4.7

Similar to Borrego (2022)?

A father and son, who have been living off grid for 20 years, encounter an outsider who threatens to destroy the utopia they've built.
Shattered (2022) poster

3 Shattered (2022) ★ 5.0

Similar to Borrego (2022)?

A rich divorcee Chris falls in love with a mysterious woman Sky where Chris, ex-wife and his child eventually gets trapped and a desperate fight for survival will most likely ensue.
Night of the Sicario (2021) poster

4 Night of the Sicario (2021) ★ 3.3

Like Borrego (2022) film?

Taylor is forced to hide the young daughter of a Colombian woman in witness protection who will be testifying against a powerful drug cartel in Federal Court, as ruthless sicarios aim to hunt them down.
Dangerous (2021) poster

5 Dangerous (2021) ★ 5.1

Like Borrego (2022) film?

A reformed sociopath journeys to a remote island to investigate the mystery behind his brother's demise, but soon ends up facing off with more than he bargained for.
Survive the Game (2021) poster

6 Survive the Game (2021) ★ 3.3

Like Borrego (2022) film?

A man's life on his farm is interrupted when a cop and a pair of dangerous criminals show up.
Out of Death (2021) poster

7 Out of Death (2021) ★ 3.2

Like Borrego (2022) film?

A corrupt Sheriff's department in a rural mountain town comes undone when an unintended witness throws a wrench into their shady operation.
The Water Man (2020) poster

8 The Water Man (2020) ★ 5.3

An 11-year old boy with a sick mother goes into the Wild Horse forest looking for someone that can make him immortal because he thinks they might be able to help his dying mom.
The Desperate Hour (2021) poster

9 The Desperate Hour (2021) ★ 4.7

A mother desperately races against time to save her child as authorities place her small town on lockdown.

Popular movies

Seance (2021) poster

10 Seance (2021) ★ 5.2

Camille, a young woman who arrives at the Fairfield Academy following one of the student's untimely and violent death.
The Privilege (2022) poster

11 The Privilege (2022) ★ 4.6

A wealthy teen and his friends attending an elite private school uncover a dark conspiracy while looking into a series of strange supernatural events.
Encounter (2021) poster

12 Encounter (2021) ★ 5.8

Two brothers embark on a journey with their father, who is trying to protect them from an alien threat.
Last Shoot Out (2021) poster

13 Last Shoot Out (2021) ★ 3.0

After newlywed Jocelyn learns that her husband Jody (Michael Welch, Twilight franchise) had her father shot down, she flees from the Callahan ranch in fear. She's rescued by gunman Billy Tyson, who safeguards her at a remote outpo...
Restless (2022) poster

14 Restless (2022) ★ 5.8

After going to extremes to cover up an accident, a corrupt cop's life spirals out of control when he starts receiving threats from a mysterious witness.
Alone (2020) poster

15 Alone (2020) ★ 6.2

Is Alone (2020) similar to Borrego (2022) film?

The story of a writer seeking peace and solitude in the countryside in an attempt to recover from tragedy and finish her book. However, when a hospitable country house turns into a living hell, she soon realizes that her inner demons are not the worst of her problems.

Alone (2020) is on #15 spot of movies related to Borrego (2022). Alone (2020) was released in 2020, made by John Hyams and has average rating 6.2 in 2022. Main stars of the Alone (2020) film are: Jules Willcox, Marc Menchaca.

Hide and Seek (2005) poster

16 Hide and Seek (2005) ★ 5.9

Is Hide and Seek (2005) similar to Borrego (2022) film?

As a widower tries to piece together his life in the wake of his wife's suicide, his daughter finds solace, at first, in her imaginary friend.

Hide and Seek (2005) film was made by . Main stars of the movie: Robert De Niro, Dakota Fanning, Famke Janssen. You can find Hide and Seek (2005) in the the next genre categories: Horror, Mystery and Hide and Seek (2005) has average rating 5.9, according to Screench user votes.

The Virtuoso (2021) poster

17 The Virtuoso (2021) ★ 4.9

Is The Virtuoso (2021) similar to Borrego (2022) film?

Danger, deception and murder descend upon a sleepy town when a professional assassin accepts a new assignment from his enigmatic boss.

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