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18 Movies Like Boogie (2021)

Hustle (2022) poster

1 Hustle (2022) ★ 7.3

Similar to Boogie (2021)?

A washed-up basketball scout discovers a phenomenal street ball player while in Spain and sees the prospect as his opportunity to get back into the NBA.
Boyz n the Hood (1991) poster

2 Boyz n the Hood (1991) ★ 7.8

Similar to Boogie (2021)?

Follows the lives of three young males living in the Crenshaw ghetto of Los Angeles, dissecting questions of race, relationships, violence, and future prospects.
Waves (2019) poster

3 Waves (2019) ★ 7.5

Similar to Boogie (2021)?

Traces the journey of a suburban family - led by a well-intentioned but domineering father - as they navigate love, forgiveness, and coming together in the aftermath of a loss.
When the Game Stands Tall (2014) poster

4 When the Game Stands Tall (2014) ★ 6.7

Like Boogie (2021) film?

The film is based on a real story. It is the story of a soccer coach, thanks to whom an obscure high school soccer team had a winning streak of 151 games.

Invincible (2006) poster

5 Invincible (2006) ★ 7.0

Like Boogie (2021) film?

Based on the story of Vince Papale, a 30-year-old bartender from South Philadelphia who overcame long odds to play for the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles in 1976.
12 Mighty Orphans (2021) poster

6 12 Mighty Orphans (2021) ★ 6.9

Like Boogie (2021) film?

Haunted by his mysterious past, a devoted high school football coach leads a scrawny team of orphans to the state championship during the Great Depression and inspires a broken nation along the way.
He Got Game (1998) poster

7 He Got Game (1998) ★ 6.9

Like Boogie (2021) film?

Convicted murderer Jake Shuttlesworth has a slim chance of getting out sooner than his 15 years. He simply must convince his son, a talented basketball player, to attend a certain university.

To this end, two accompanying agents bring Jake to New York and put him in a crap house called a hotel. With a beacon on his leg and a prostitute next door, Jake gets a few days of freedom to reacquaint himself with the son whose mother he killed six years ago...

Gridiron Gang (2006) poster

8 Gridiron Gang (2006) ★ 6.9

Teenagers at a juvenile detention center, under the leadership of their counselor, gain self-esteem by playing football together.
Glory Road (2006) poster

9 Glory Road (2006) ★ 7.2

The story of Don Haskins, the coach of the Texas college basketball team who recruited black players in 1966 (a revolutionary innovation at the time) and eventually led it to a championship victory...

Popular movies

Amateur (2018) poster

10 Amateur (2018) ★ 5.9

A young basketball future star struggles with his personal life in pursuit of his dream.
Like Mike (2002) poster

11 Like Mike (2002) ★ 5.3

Calvin and his friends, who all live an in orphanage, find old shoes with the faded letters MJ connected to a powerline. One stormy night, they go to get the shoes when Calvin and the shoes are struck by lightning. Calvin now has unbelievable basketball powers and has the chance to play for the NBA.
Uncle Drew (2018) poster

12 Uncle Drew (2018) ★ 5.7

An anti-ageist comedy about a man's dream to win the Rucker Classic street ball tournament in Harlem.
High Flying Bird (2019) poster

13 High Flying Bird (2019) ★ 6.2

A sports agent draws a young basketball star into a lucrative but extremely dangerous venture.
The Way Back (2020) poster

14 The Way Back (2020) ★ 6.7

Jack Cunningham was a high school basketball phenom who walked away from the game, forfeiting his future. Years later, when he reluctantly accepts a coaching job at his alma mater, he may get one last shot at redemption.
Creed (2015) poster

15 Creed (2015) ★ 7.6

Is Creed (2015) similar to Boogie (2021) film?

The former World Heavyweight Champion Rocky Balboa serves as a trainer and mentor to Adonis Johnson, the son of his late friend and former rival Apollo Creed.

Creed (2015) is on #15 spot of movies related to Boogie (2021). Creed (2015) was released in 2015, made by Ryan Coogler and has average rating 7.6 in 2022. Main stars of the Creed (2015) film are: Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson.

A Bronx Tale (1993) poster

16 A Bronx Tale (1993) ★ 7.8

Is A Bronx Tale (1993) similar to Boogie (2021) film?

The Bronx, New York, 1960. 9-year-old Calogero grows up admiring and fascinated by the local mob boss, Sonny. Calogero's father, Lorenzo, wants to have nothing to do with the mob and does his best to keep his son away from Sonny and mob business. However, it may prove a losing battle.

A Bronx Tale (1993) film was made by . Main stars of the movie: Robert De Niro, Chazz Palminteri, Lillo Brancato. You can find A Bronx Tale (1993) in the the next genre categories: Crime, Drama and A Bronx Tale (1993) has average rating 7.8, according to Screench user votes.

Rebound (2005) poster

17 Rebound (2005) ★ 5.2

Is Rebound (2005) similar to Boogie (2021) film?

College basketball coach Roy McCormick was like a fish thrown out of water onto dry land. He had a temper tantrum during a game and was out of a job. Now he is forced to coach a high school team of minors, and his charges - all losers and losers. But Roy is not discouraged - he plans to create a truly great team...

Coach Carter (2005) poster

18 Coach Carter (2005) ★ 7.3

Is Coach Carter (2005) similar to Boogie (2021) film?

Controversy surrounds high school basketball coach Ken Carter after he benches his entire team for breaking their academic contract with him.

Coach Carter (2005) movie was filmed by as Director, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Rick Gonzalez, Robert Ri'chard. Coach Carter (2005) belongs to the next genres: Biography, Drama, Sport and has average rating 7.3, according to user votes.

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