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19 Movies Like Firestarter (2022)

Freaks (2018) poster

1 Freaks (2018) ★ 6.7

Similar to Firestarter (2022)?

A bold girl discovers a bizarre, threatening, and mysterious new world beyond her front door after she escapes her father's protective and paranoid control.
Brightburn (2019) poster

2 Brightburn (2019) ★ 6.1

Similar to Firestarter (2022)?

What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister?
The Darkest Minds (2018) poster

3 The Darkest Minds (2018) ★ 5.7

Similar to Firestarter (2022)?

After an unknown disease kills 98% of American children, the 2% who survive with superpowers are sent to special camps. A 16-year-old girl escapes from such a camp and joins a group of other teenagers who are hiding from the government.
Alita: Battle Angel (2019) poster

4 Alita: Battle Angel (2019) ★ 7.3

Like Firestarter (2022) film?

Alita is a creation from an age of despair. Found by the mysterious Dr. Ido while trolling for cyborg parts, Alita becomes a lethal and dangerous being that cannot remember who she is or where she came from; but to Dr. Ido, it's all too clear: She can break the cycle of destruction left behind when Tiphares fell thanks to her ability fight--and kill other angels in turn-to fulfill her true purpose as one created with power over life and death on Earth...
Hanna (2011) poster

5 Hanna (2011) ★ 6.8

Like Firestarter (2022) film?

A sixteen-year-old girl who was raised by her father to be the perfect assassin is dispatched on a mission across Europe, tracked by a ruthless intelligence agent and her operatives.
The New Mutants (2020) poster

6 The New Mutants (2020) ★ 5.3

Like Firestarter (2022) film?

After a mysterious tornado strikes her reservation and her father dies, Danielle Moonstar wakes up tied up in a hospital bed. Dr. Reyes informs her that she is the only survivor and is now in an institution with four teenagers, where they are being studied and taught to control their superpowers. Soon Dany discovers that it is impossible to leave the force-field fenced area, and the boys begin to be haunted by seemingly very real nightmares.
Carrie (2013) poster

7 Carrie (2013) ★ 5.9

Like Firestarter (2022) film?

An unassuming high school girl named Carrie was born with telekinesis powers. Pressure from her fanatically religious mother and constant taunts from her peers only contribute to the development of her supernatural abilities. At graduation, her classmates decide to play a cruel prank on her, with fatal consequences.

Pet Sematary (2019) poster

8 Pet Sematary (2019) ★ 5.7

Dr. Louis Creed and his wife, Rachel, relocate from Boston to rural Maine with their two young children. The couple soon discover a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near their new home.
It (2017) poster

9 It (2017) ★ 7.3

After recent cases of disappearing local kids in the town of Derry, Maine, IT follows a group of kids dubbed "The Losers' Club" in the summer of 1989 and their discovery and scary encounters of a shape-shifting demonic entity, known to return every 27 years and preys on your own personal fears.

Popular movies

The Invisible Man (2020) poster

10 The Invisible Man (2020) ★ 7.1

Under the cover of night, Cecilia flees her boyfriend Adrian's high-tech home by sedating him with sleeping pills and disabling the surveillance and alarm systems. Now the girl lives at a friend's house, is afraid to go out and suffers from persecution mania when she learns that her former tormentor committed suicide. Adrian, a market leader in optical engineering, has left Cecilia a large inheritance, and at last the girl's life should be getting better. But soon she begins to feel anxious again, as if Adrian is sneaking up on her unnoticed - after all, you can't hide from a stalker you can't see.
The Silence (2019) poster

11 The Silence (2019) ★ 5.3

When the world is under attack from terrifying creatures who hunt their human prey by sound, 16-year old Ally Andrews (Kiernan Shipka), who lost her hearing at 13, and her family seek refuge in a remote haven.
A Quiet Place Part 2 (2020) poster

12 A Quiet Place Part 2 (2020) ★ 7.7

Following the events at home, the Abbott family now face the terrors of the outside world. Forced to venture into the unknown, they realize the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only threats lurking beyond the sand path.
Bird Box (2018) poster

13 Bird Box (2018) ★ 6.6

Five years ago, the world plunged into chaos: after seeing something, people commit suicide. A woman with two five-year-old children, having heard on the radio of a safe place, sets out to find the surviving community and brings with her the parrots in a box. To keep alive in this new world, the most important thing is not to look around and listen to how the birds react to approaching danger.
A Quiet Place (2018) poster

14 A Quiet Place (2018) ★ 7.5

In a post-apocalyptic world, a family is forced to live in silence while hiding from monsters with ultra-sensitive hearing.
Logan (2017) poster

15 Logan (2017) ★ 8.1

Is Logan (2017) similar to Firestarter (2022) film?

In a future where mutants are nearly extinct, an elderly and weary Logan leads a quiet life. But when this gruff old man is drawn into action again by the appearance of Laura, another mutant child pursued by scientists who want to experiment on her for their own purposes he must get her to safety.

Logan (2017) is on #15 spot of movies related to Firestarter (2022). Logan (2017) was released in 2017, made by James Mangold and has average rating 8.1 in 2022. Main stars of the Logan (2017) film are: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen.

Looper (2012) poster

16 Looper (2012) ★ 7.4

Is Looper (2012) similar to Firestarter (2022) film?

In a near future where time travel has become possible, a certain corporation removes undesirable people by sending them back in time. The task of the receiving party is to kill the victim, thus erasing the unfortunate person from history.

Looper (2012) film was made by . Main stars of the movie: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt. You can find Looper (2012) in the the next genre categories: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi and Looper (2012) has average rating 7.4, according to Screench user votes.

Doctor Sleep (2019) poster

17 Doctor Sleep (2019) ★ 7.3

Is Doctor Sleep (2019) similar to Firestarter (2022) film?

Years following the events of The Shining (1980), a now-adult Dan Torrance must protect a young girl with similar powers from a cult known as The True Knot, who prey on children with powers to remain immortal.
Lucy (2014) poster

18 Lucy (2014) ★ 6.4

Is Lucy (2014) similar to Firestarter (2022) film?

A woman, accidentally caught in a dark deal, turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic.

Lucy (2014) movie was filmed by as Director, starring Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Choi Min-sik. Lucy (2014) belongs to the next genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller and has average rating 6.4, according to user votes.

The Wretched (2019) poster

19 The Wretched (2019) ★ 5.8

Is The Wretched (2019) similar to Firestarter (2022) film?

A defiant teenage boy, struggling with his parents' imminent divorce, faces off with a thousand year-old witch, who is living beneath the skin of and posing as the woman next door.

The Wretched (2019) is one of the last movies similar to Firestarter (2022) and it was released in 2019. John-Paul Howard, Piper Curda, Jamison Jones are the main stars of the film and it belongs to the next genres: Horror, Mystery and has average user rating of 5.8 according to IMDB and Screench votes.

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