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Invisible Sister (2015) poster ★ 6.1

1 Invisible Sister (2015)

Similar to Cloud 9 (2014)?

It so happened that Cleo was always in the shadow of her older sister, who was more popular than she was. And the girl was very upset about it. Cleo doesn't want to be the loser little sister, and one day that's going to change. Her science project will make her older sister invisible.

Teen Beach Movie (2013) poster ★ 5.9

2 Teen Beach Movie (2013)

Similar to Cloud 9 (2014)?

The last day of summer is coming to an end, and surfing fans Mackenzie and her friend Brady don't want to leave the beach. In the evening, they catch a huge wave that transports them not only in space, but also in time - half a century ago! Here, in the 60's, the friends find themselves in the middle of a confrontation between two noisy companies - surfers and rockers. It turns out that everything going on around them is nothing more than a famous retro musical. Mackenzie and Brady have only one chance to get back home - to get the musical story back on track. To do so, the boys will have to master the language of song and dance.

Picture This (2008) poster ★ 5.3

3 Picture This (2008)

Similar to Cloud 9 (2014)?

The most popular guy in school has just invited Mandy to the hottest party of the year, but there's one problem: her parents are very strict. Mandy is let out of the house on the pretext that she's going to her friends' house to "study," but on one condition.

Every half an hour she has to communicate with her dad by cell phone using a video link. Now Mandy and her friends must figure out how to use technological advances to their advantage in order to get to the party and avoid her father's all-seeing eye.

Under the Sea: A Descendants Story (2018) poster ★ 5.6

4 Under the Sea: A Descendants Story (2018)

Like Cloud 9 (2014) film?

Mal emerges from the shadows of a mystical forest onto a dark coastline where she crosses paths with Dizzy.

How to Build a Better Boy (2014) poster ★ 5.4

5 How to Build a Better Boy (2014)

Like Cloud 9 (2014) film?

Two students, Mae Hartley and Gabby Harrison, decide to create the perfect boyfriend. What they don't consider is that the computer they use to do this is set up to create robotic super-soldiers...

Adventures in Babysitting (2016) poster ★ 6.1

6 Adventures in Babysitting (2016)

Like Cloud 9 (2014) film?

Two rival girls, nannies Jenny and Lola, team up to find a child who accidentally escapes into the big city without any supervision. But do they know what awaits them during the search?

StarStruck (2010) poster ★ 6.1

7 StarStruck (2010)

Like Cloud 9 (2014) film?

Jessica Olsen goes to Los Angeles to visit relatives, and upon arrival she learns from her sister about the local coolest celebrity, Christopher Wylde. One night Jessica meets Christopher by chance. They go on a crazy adventure through Los Angeles and fall in love with each other, but when Jessica gets home, Christopher, on national television, when asked what kind of girl was seen with him, says he doesn't know her at all and has never met her. Christopher has done this for nothing...

Avalon High (2010) poster ★ 5.7

8 Avalon High (2010)

A fleeting meeting on a jog in the park - and Ellie Pennington fell in love... It was as if they had met before... It seemed so, not only to her, but also to him... What happened next reminds one of the legend of medieval King Arthur - and not for nothing...

Princess Protection Program (2009) poster ★ 5.6

9 Princess Protection Program (2009)

Princess Rosalind, whose country has been invaded by a dictator, has to take advantage of the Princess Protection Program. She finds herself in a provincial American town, where she must learn to live the life of an ordinary girl under a new name - Rosie Gonzales. Carter, daughter of a general from a secret organization that rescues princesses, helps her get used to the new image. But words make it sound much easier than it is in practice - Rosie experiences a lot of difficulties, getting used to the royal manners and habits.

Bad Hair Day (2015) poster ★ 5.9

10 Bad Hair Day (2015)

Monica is going to prom night. Everything has been going wrong for the girl since morning, but the last straw is her horrible hairstyle. The poor girl thinks it can't get any worse, but then a policeman knocks on her door looking for her missing jewelry. This is the beginning of a grand adventure...

Girl Vs. Monster (2012) poster ★ 5.6

11 Girl Vs. Monster (2012)

Sixteen-year-old Skylar learns on Halloween Eve that she is a fifth-generation monster hunter. But before she can practice the family tradition, the monsters try to stop her.

16 Wishes (2010) poster ★ 5.4

12 16 Wishes (2010)

Abby Jensen has been planning her 16th birthday since she was a little girl. When the day arrives, she adds one last (16th) wish to her wish list. To her surprise, she receives a box of 16 birthday candles, each corresponding to the number of her wish list. As her wishes come true, her day gets better and better, until she makes a wish that changes everything and helps herself realize that being a child is not so bad.

Frenemies (2012) poster ★ 5.0

13 Frenemies (2012)

It's one step from love to hate. In this immutable truth the main characters - teenagers, whose friendship is tested for durability. Ambitious and shy, talkative and silent, frivolous and serious, they all overcome this difficult test with honor.

Geek Charming (2011) poster ★ 6.4

14 Geek Charming (2011)

The main characters of the film are the narcissistic Dylan Schounfield, for whom the main thing is always to be in the spotlight, and the modest boy Josh Rosen, obsessed with movies. Destiny catches up with the guys when the fashionista Dylan accidentally drops her expensive purse into a mall fountain. The spoiled beauty persuades Josh, who happens to be nearby, to get the bag out of the water. In gratitude for her help, the girl agrees to become the heroine of his documentary about the phenomenon of popularity. In the process of filming, Josh gets to know the real Dylan, who opens up with a completely new side to him. And the girl is surprised to realize that Josh, whom she had always considered an oddball nerd, begins to like her...

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